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Holiday in Malacca? =D

Henry Tan | 12:42 AM |
My friends told me that they did not visit to Malacca for a long time. 
Since I used to spend a year for my foundation in Malacca, 
So they thought that I should know well about Malacca. 

Things changed! 

Even just 5 years ago. *ok quite long ago maybe LOL*
The first thing that has changed is...

There's no such a recognition back then! XD

Malacca was named as World Heritage City in 7th July, 2008.

Although my lovely Penang also one of them la. =p
But it gives you another reason to visit Malacca, isn't it? =D

I guess most of you know what to see and where to go in Malacca right?
There are hell lots of information out there regarding the places to visit.
You can even find it in secondary school Sejarah textbook. 
*that explains the Heritage thing LOL*

So, what I am going to tell you here is...

Things that had changed!

The first one...

Traffice jam!

I mean massive traffic jam!

Compare to 5 years ago, which is just... small jam. LOL
So perhaps you need to avoid those peak period!

Or you could just consider this....

the tour around Cruise!

I never see this 5 years ago! 

If everyone could just cramp in a boat,
then less traffic jam ad! =p

Or even this...


okay, perhaps taxi won't help.

But wait! This is something new too!
then walk around! =DD

What a smart choice huh? =X

But frankly, even if you could patiently wait for the traffic jam,
you can hardly find a place to park there too!

So, think twice, plan first and enjoy happily! =D

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  1. Ya.. whenever is Holiday.. there is terrify jam in Malacca

  2. Wow, sounds like you haven't been there for years, huh? Well, now it's one of the spot where Malaysians go to hang out too. LOL.
    Some even are there for education!

  3. True, the traffic jam there now is a turn off. Small lane for the many cars that visit Malacca.

  4. The first photo.... they demolished the place. Hard Rock Cafe is the next thing you're going to see. :D


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