Sunday, August 7, 2016

Anchor Say Cheese @ Bread History Penang

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Following the success of 1st Anchor Say Cheese Campaign in 2015, Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia continue to partnering with Bread History once again for the 2nd phase of their exciting campaign. FYI, Fonterra is New Zealand's largest company and a global leader in dairy nutrition, which built strong brands that you are familiar with such as Anchor, Anmum, Anlene and Fernleaf. 

This year, Fonterra's own in-house patisserie chefs created Anchor Say Cheese Chef Signature Series which consists of Almond Rosa, Cheeznie, First Love and Lady Marmalade. Needless to mention that they are all using top quality real butter, cream cheese, milk and cream from its highly popular Anchor range. So you can get it now at selected bakeries across the country, including Penang, which is available at every Bread History outlets! 

While last year was more around the trending Japanese-inspired desserts and pastries, this year has a European flair and is all about Connecting with Loved Ones during festive seasons. Anchor Say Cheese campaign was designed to bring Anchor to more people in an experiential way where people get to taste the scrumptious desserts which are made entirely out of Anchor products.

First Love, a sweet bread with brown sugar cream cheese in the center sprinkled with brown sugar for that added crunch, guaranteeing love at first bite! 

Lady Marmalade, a sweet bread with an orange cream cheese filling topped with orange candied peel. This is our favorite among all as the zesty cream cheese filling was rather refreshing that makes it not too dull and not too jelak. 

Almond Rosa, a nutty almond butter sponge cake with a rich layer of cream cheese.

Cheeznie, cream cheese sandwiched between two slices of decadent chocolate brownies and topped with chopped walnuts. 

Ms Linda Tan from Anchor together with Mr John Auyong from Bread History. According to John, there is a Anchor Say Cheese promotion on-going for the whole month of August, whereby a set of all 4 Chef Signature Series selling at a promotional price of RM15.90! One for RM5.90 but four for RM15.90, that's definitely worth to try! 

Besides Bread History, RT Pastry in Klang Valley, The Bakers Hut in Seri Manjung, Born n Breads in Ipoh, Patisfrance and Yeast Pastry in Malacca, Veluxe Cake House in Sekudai, Fung Seng in Muar, Port View Euro Bread in Kota Kinabalu, Taka in Kuching and Hot Cross Bun in Miri will be selling this Anchor Say Cheese Chef Signature Series too. 

Go try it out now at Bread History!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

IKEA Damansara @ KL

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IKEA Damansara used to be my favorite hang out place when I was in university at Cyberjaya. Recently, I went back again with darling during our 3D2N KL Trip. It was still the same, full of crowds on the weekend and impressive design of furniture. 

A Must-Take Photo at the warehouse

Since we were not planning to buy anything, we just window shopping around and imagine how our future home would be. Kitchen island would definitely be our top choice provided that our future kitchen is big enough to fit in. 

IKEA Meatball

IKEA Meatball
One of the food I miss the most is IKEA meatball. I still remember how tasty it used to be but unfortunately I was a little disappointed this round. Is it their quality dropp or because I have tasted much better meat ball since the last visit? 

Then of course the ice cream is different too. With the technological advancement, even the ice cream has a vending machine where everything is automated. Just simply purchase the IKEA coin at the counter and proceed to the vending machine. Nothing to shout about as I still prefer McDonald's Sundae Cone. 

Well, I guess I won't be looking forward to visit IKEA as I used to be anymore. Besides, IKEA will be opening their new outlet in Batu Kawan, Penang soon. So Penangite like me no longer have to travel all the way to KL. But I do hope that the one in Penang will be much better! 

IKEA Damansara
2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-7952 7575


Friday, July 8, 2016

J&G Fried Chicken (继光香香鸡) @ Sunway Putra Mall, KL

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It seems like our 3D2N Trip to KL was all related to chicken, including this one - J&G Fried Chicken  (继光香香鸡) which located in Sunway Putra Mall. It is one of the food stalls at the Selera Street at the top floor and we chose it to try out simply because it is not available in Penang yet. 

According to the information shown at the shop, J&G Fried Chicken is from Taiwan, I supposed something similar to Shihlin Fried Chicken. Not sure how famous it is in Taiwan (although they claimed to be rated as top), but definitely not the familiar brands that I have seen in Taiwan. So again, we tried their Signature Crispy Chicken Nugget whereby it is selling at RM9 for 150g (Small) and RM15 for 250g (Large).  

We were there quite early on a weekday so there isn't any crowd at all. To maintain the crispiness, I believe the chicken nuggets will be fried on the spot once you have made your order. At least, that's how she did it for us, so that it is hot and crispy! Similar like Shihlin, they got the transparent see-through kitchen for you to witness their frying process. The oil still looks clean and transparent so that's a good sign! 

We were given to choose the level of spiciness too. Overall, the crispy chicken nugget was tasty, tender but not too dry. It would be delightful as one of those finger food while window shopping in Sunway Putra Mall. We have to say that it got us addicted given the level of spiciness was just nice to feel the oomph! Go try it out and let us know if you think so too!

Level 4, Lot 4.44
Sunway Putra Mall
Tel : 03-4051 1973


Monday, July 4, 2016

Wong Ah Wah Famous Chicken Wing @ Jalan Alor, KL

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One of the famous tourist spot for good food in Kuala Lumpur will be Jalan Alor. I supposed Jalan Alor is like the food stalls in Gurney Drive, Penang. So during our 3D2N Trip to KL, we went there for the Wong Ah Wah famous chicken wings.  

Jalan Alor located at the 2nd parallel lane to Jalan Bukit Bintang. So it was quite near for us to walk over as we went to Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat Plaza, Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza before dinner. We reached around 7.30pm and the crowds start filling in. One long lane full of food stalls at both side and I find it quite annoying that the foreign waiters from different restaurants will keep promoting their place.  

Wong Ah Wah famous chicken wings located at the end of the road. They are the only one with "Mickey Mouse" on their signboard, so do look for that if you find it hard to locate. I am actually quite surprised that most of the restaurant are full of people. Perhaps they are famous for something too, next time gotta revisit again to try out! Do let me know your recommendation if you know any! 

If signboard is hard to locate, perhaps look for smoke! I am not exaggerating, the small stalls that roasting the chicken wings are like on fire with a lot of smoke. So perhaps that's a good indicator! Getting a table could be difficult if you are not there early. We were lucky enough to get a table but we still have to wait for half an hour just for 4 roasted chicken wings! 

A sets of Wong Ah Wah famous chicken wings consists of both the chicken wing and the drummet which costs RM3.20 per set! We ordered 4 sets. It is expensive! Wait, compare to the 4Fingers Crispy Chicken we had in the afternoon, this was cheaper relatively! But to be fair, Wong Ah Wah famous chicken wings was worth the try. The price can only be justified with the fact that many celebrities went there before. Will I go back again, wait for 30 minutes and pay RM3.20 each? Probably not. 

We were starving that time, so we ordered Fried Bee Tai Bak and Fried Hokkien Mee (Dai Lok Mee). Both were nothing to shout about. Well, that day was just the two of us, so we can't really try other food. But judging from the other tables, seems like many ordered their seafood. And there were super duper lots of China tourist in groups that brought there by tour guides! I wonder how much is their commission? 

There are quite a number of restaurant selling Thai food there too. Maybe we can try that in our next visit. But do let us know so that we could check it out! Thanks!

W.A.W Restaurant
1, Jalan Alor, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-2144 2463


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Regalia Residence with Rooftop Infinity Pool @ Jalan Putra, KL

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During our 3D2N Trip to KL, we have chosen Regalia Residence as our stay thru the use of Airbnb instead of the usual hotel booking. This was our first time so we actually read up a lot of reviews before deciding on one. Regalia Residence is located in the city center and the main attraction for us of course would be the roof top infinity pool with perfect KLCC and KL Tower view

In case you do not have a Airbnb account, 
(You and I will get RM65 travel credit each!)

Regalia Residence

As you may see, there are actually quite a lot of option given the same Regalia Residence, so you really have to read carefully and choose accordingly. We have chosen those available on our date, price range, as well as room type which is the Entire Home/Apt. So the one we got is a studio apartment at high floor from Muzamel, a good host with a lot of good reviews. (We didn't get to meet the host though as all communication thru Whatsapp only)

Regalia Residence

***Do take note that Muzamel's check in time is at 6pm, which is quite suitable to our timing. So when we were arriving, we gave him a text and he send us a detailed check-in procedure thru Whatsapp. The first and only bad thing about Regalia Residence is the car park for traveler with car like us. We were told to park at the visitor car park at the road side as we do not have access card into the residence car park. During day time, parking is fine but at night when everyone is back then it could be very limited and it is on first come first serve basis

Regalia Residence

Regalia Residence consists of 3 towers, namely Melrose, Milan and Madison. Ours was at Melrose level 34. Since it is a studio apartment, once opened the door you will see the kitchen, the living room as well as the bed altogether, just like a standard hotel! Overall, the cleanliness was good for us and it is spacious too. 

Regalia Residence

A small kitchen is available with fridge, microwave oven, toaster, cooking pot and even washing machine! You can find all the basic cooking utensil in the drawers or the shelves. To be honest, we didn't use much of those as we eat out most of the time and washing machine is not needed for 3D2N. But you can find some drinks in the fridge in case you have a sudden urge to quench your thirst. 

Regalia Residence

The bed was fine but don't expect those 5 stars hotel's thick and comfy bed. TV was quite small to me too (maybe too used to wide screen TV) and most importantly there's no sport channel for EURO for me! But anyhow, TV is not a main attribute as most of the time we were outside too. Afterall, nobody go for vacation and just to watch TV in hotel right? I find the red multi layer rack with multiple extension cord right beside the bed very useful and convenient. You know with all the gadgets (handphone, powerbank, camera, etc) nowadays, I gotta charge those batteries with easy access right beside my bed! 

Here comes the main attraction!
Rooftop Infinity Pool

Regalia Residence

Right after check-in and settled down, we quickly went to another tower (Milan if not mistaken) for the infinity pool at level 37. It was around 7.30pm, whereby it was the best time for sunset photo shooting! Do take note that you will need the access card to scan at the lift in order to reach level 37. Once you walked out from the lift, you will witness the magnificent view of KL city with a infinity pool right in front.  

Regalia Residence

The infinity pool is not too big so it could be quite a headache to take photo when it is crowded. Fortunately our timing was right and the crowds were bearable. Otherwise, I do not think anyone would enjoy a good swim here, a soak or a dip would be fine though. But I supposed the developers have thought so too, hence, there is another recreational pool at Level 5. We did not swim there.  

Regalia Residence

Regalia Residence offers a wide range of facilities such as restaurant, bistro & bar, playground, gym and sauna but we didn't enjoy any of those at all. Maybe next time if plan for a getaway, then one whole day just stay in and enjoy all the facilities would be nice. During our stay, there were quite a lot of foreigners so you can bet the quality is good enough that they would want to stay. 

Regalia Residence

Overall, Regalia Residence is a good place to stay especially for those traveling without car as two train stations (KTM Putra Station & LRT PWTC Station) are available within 5 minutes walking distance. Sunway Putra Mall is also located nearby with a stone throw away. I will update with a another separate post with all photos at the infinity pool as I supposed not everyone would keen to see me naked with thin arm and flabby body. XD

Regalia Residence

Go try it out and let me know! 

Till then!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

4Fingers Crispy Chicken @ Mid Valley Megamall, KL

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During our 3D2N Trip to KL, we went window shopping in Mid Valley Megamall. It has been a while since I last stepped foot in this mall. As usual, it was still very crowded during the weekend. We have chosen 4Fingers Crispy Chicken for our lunch as it is not available in Penang yet. What a special name huh!

4Fingers Crispy Chicken
4Fingers Crispy Chicken
Like the name suggest, it's all about crispy chicken in 4Fingers Crispy Chicken. To be honest, it is not similar as KFC at all. (Of course I still love KFC) I supposed setting the ordering counter right infront of the shop with the long queue is a good marketing strategy to attract the attention of passersby. Unlike KFC, you will be given a buzzer while you are seated and proceed to pick up your chicken at the pick up counter once the device light up and buzz. 

4Fingers Crispy Chicken
4Fingers Crispy Chicken
4Fingers Crispy Chicken
4Fingers Crispy Chicken
4Fingers Crispy Chicken - 4Fingers Signature (RM20.90)
We ordered a 6 pcs combo which costs RM20.90 that comes with a drink and kimchi fries. The 4Fingers Crispy Chicken was really crispy but without the KFC kind of thick batter. The meat was tender but I would love it if they provide chicken thigh too. Nothing to shout about the kimchi fries as they just sprinkle the kimchi powder on top. 

Personally I think 6 pcs, which is actually 3 sets of chicken wings plus the drummets, costs RM20.90 is a bit too expensive. If I'm craving for chicken, probably I would still go for KFC. Well, go give it a try and let me know if you like it too!

Lower Ground Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall
Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall, Kuala Lumpur

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Calling all big fans of oyster! Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar is now opened in Sunway Putra Mall. Sunway Putra Mall is considered the new mall in town and we went for a walk since it is just a stone throw away from the place we stayed - Regalia Residence during our 3D2N KL Trip. So coincidentally we stumbled upon this restaurant. 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar is located at ground floor which is beside of Bread Story bakery. It is easy to find when you are taking the escalator down to ground floor as the shop is on the right side. Besides, they have a big bright sign board that would catch your attention. The friendly waiter like Yeasin greeted us with warm welcome to try out their oysters. 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Simple and neat arrangement of seating
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Various type of oysters
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Kayes shucking the oyster
According to the waiters, Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar was having the opening promotion, so we were lucky to try out for free. He told us that not many people know about their shop yet, so I supposed that I should write a short blog post in return as a favor for the great hospitality. 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Tragheanna Bay Oyster (RM26 3pcs/RM80 Dozen)
For starter, we were given the most affordable one (RM26 for 3pcs or RM80 per dozen) in the menu, Tragheanna Bay Oyster from Ireland. To be honest, both of us are not keen to eat oyster, especially given that it was just 11am in the morning. But the firm and plump-looking oysters are just way too tempting!

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Tragheanna Bay Oyster (RM26 3pcs/RM80 Dozen)
With a little squeeze of lemon and a drop of Tobasco sauce, we slurped it in, give a gentle bite and down it slides into our throat. We don't really know how to tell if is good (I supposed it depends on personal preference), but Tragheanna Bay Oyster is good enough for us as it is sweet, not too briny (salty), and plump enough for us to taste the texture. 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Irish Premium (RM35 3pcs/RM110 Dozen)
The next one was Irish Premium, literally judging by the price. Did I forget to mention that all these oysters are alive until they are shucked? Well, again to be frank, if you put both Irish Premium and the normal one, I really could not tell the difference! Perhaps need to start learning to eat then! 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra MallSydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar
What I do know is that these oysters have wondrous texture, so smooth that it slurps into your mouth together with the liquor (oyster juice) and slides into your stomach in no time! I supposed one could finished a dozen in a flash. But all in all, that's the satisfaction you will get! 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - France Style Australian Mussel (RM45 3pcs/RM70 Dozen)
Chef Nishat also served us with Australian Mussels in France style with cream, garlic and herb. I find that the cream sauce was delightful and makes the mussels more appetizing. We were given a seafood fork to pry the tender flesh from the open shell. Be extra careful when you are holding the mussel as I was cut by the shell unknowingly!  

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Putra Mall
Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - France Style Australian Mussel (RM45 3pcs/RM70 Dozen)
Surprisingly, the mussel was quite odd-looking (if you know what I mean) since it is supposed to be the oyster that resemble the female genitalia. And I'm not sure if they are as aphrodesiac (arousing sexual desire) as oyster does. Nevertheless, the mussels are tasty, a bit chewy and very tender to eat! So at the end of the meal, I supposed one would be like this... 

Go try now! 

Sydney Oyster Restaurant & Bar - Menu
LG-04 Sunway Putra Mall,
Jalan Putra, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-4050 8381

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