Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Selera Kampung Ramadhan Buffet @ The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang

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The holy month of Ramadhan is around the corner, this year, The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang will be serving Ramadhan buffet dinner with the theme of "Selera Kampung" (hometown flavors). The Ramadhan buffet will be held at Roof Terrace at level 9 with poolside seating and seaview.

Selera Kampung Ramadhan Buffet

2nd - 23rd June 2017
7pm - 10pm
Adult - RM88 nett
Children - RM58 nett

Early Bird Promotion - Adult RM75 nett / Children RM45 nett
BUY 9 FREE 1 Promotion

Ticket can be bought at the designated Ramadhan Counter next to lobby on ground floor. Since it is located at the alfresco area next to the pool with the stunning seaview, the seating are quite limited which is around 80 pax. So be sure to make reservation in advance to avoid disappointment. For a group of 30 people or more, a private venue can be arranged as well in an exclusive setting.

As usual, breaking the fast with dates is a Ramadan tradition and the body can benefits from the date's high level of natural sugars. So, right at the entrance of the Roof Terrace, there are various type of kurma (dates) to buka puasa (break fast). The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang even make a date palm tree with all the dates poke on the banana tree trunk with toothpicks for decoration purpose. There are some other appetizers such as ulam-ulaman (raw vegetable) with all sort of sauces such as cincaluk, budu and sambals; Malay style of salads such as Kerabu Mangga, Acar Timun and so on!

The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang prepares the main courses in traditional Malay village style whereby the dishes are served in woks with charcoal burning below to keep it warm. Some of the tantalizing delicacies such as Daging Rendang, Sotong Goreng Kunyit, Ikan Masak Lemak and Ayam Percik. But same as any other Ramadhan buffet, all my attention is focus on the Kambing Golek! 

Besides the main dishes in woks, there are a few live stations in hawker stall concept where you can witness the preparation of the dishes you order, starting from the Asam Laksa, Kambing Golek, Roti Canai and Passembur/Rojak. Kambing Golek caught my attention the most as you can hardly find it elsewhere except during Ramadhan buffet. 

I took quite a lot of it as I think it is the best among all other dishes and probably one of the best in Penang. The roasted lamb may looked dry from the appearance but the juice was still being sealed inside. Honestly, I rated it highly until I went for the even better one in Ixora Hotel. (so now became 2nd best, or best in Penang Island, LOL!)

Satay (skewers) is available too with the typical condiments such as cucumber, red onion and even nasi impit to add extra flavor and texture. Roti canai and roti jala was being prepared on the spot too where you get to witness how they made it. Roti jala was quite impressive as I rarely see the making of it. But both of them taste heavenly together with the curry while they were still piping hot. 

Lastly, there were a big table full of desserts and fruits to end a scrumptious meal. The desserts here were more towards Western style, which I thought it would be better if they could prepare more traditional kuih-muih to match with their theme of Selera Kampung. 

Overall, the food are all above average. Since it would be a month long of Ramadhan, I think The Northam All Suites Hotel Penang should be in one of your to-go-list, especially given that the unique experience where you can break fasting together with friends and family while captivated by the ever-changing Penang coast's sunset as the backdrop.  

Book now to enjoy the early bird offer!

55, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 
Pulau Tikus, 10050 George Town, 
Pulau Pinang.

Call +60 4-370 1111 for reservation!

Till then! ;)
Happy food hunting!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner @ Ixora Hotel Penang

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We were here again at Ixora Hotel Penang for the preview of their Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner since the holy month of Ramadan is around the corner. The buffet dinner will be held at The Straits Cafe inside Ixora Hotel Penang, 7pm to 10pm, starting from 1st to 21st of June 2017. The price is RM82 nett per adult and RM52 nett per child, while promotion of Buy 9 FREE 1 is on-going! You can even stand a chance to win lucky draw such as a motorbike as the grand prize, 40" TV, air purifier and many more!

Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner 

1st June - 21st June 2017
The Straits Cafe, Ixora Hotel Penang
7pm to 10pm
Adult: RM82 nett
Children: RM52 nett

Buy 9 FREE 1 Promotion at RM738 nett

We had a good experience during our last visit to Ixora Hotel Penang for their Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner, and as per our expectation, Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner didn't fail to impress us too. There are so many Ramadan buffet out there, if you ask me, this has to be the "Must-Try" buffet dinner, especially if you are big fan of Kambing Panggang Golek. To make the Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner more attractive, Ixora Hotel Penang even adds in lucky draw with prizes as expensive as a motorbike, 40" TV and air purifier.

We started off with the appetizers and soup. As usual, all the typical Malay appetizers can be found such as Ikan Masin Goreng Bawang Dengan Cili Kering, Petail, Pucuk Ubi Kayu and so on. I was not feeling too well that day, so I directly went for the soup and Sup Ekor Berjintan (Oxtail Soup) caught my attention the most. FYI, jintan means caraway, a type of spices (rempah), which is why some places would called it Sup Ekor Berempah. 

For the main courses, they were all equally good with some noteworthy ones such as Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Rice), Ayam Masak Merah Madu, Beriani Udang and Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak Daun Kesom. One thing that I noticed is that the chef would add some red chili or green kacang botol to make the dishes more colorful, after all food presentation is equally important too! Ixora Hotel Penang also serves Shawarma Ayam (chicken) with pita bread which is one of the signature dishes!

For the outdoor live station, Ixora Hotel Penang serves Penang Mee Mamak, Penang Asam Laksa, Passembur, Ice Kacang and Cendol, and most importantly, Kambing Panggang Golek (whole roasted lamb). The Kambing Panggang Golek is the best that I have tasted after so many years of food review. The meat is tender and juicy, absolutely delightful to go with the mint sauce. You can tell how tasty it is when the whole lamb was left with only bones within 1 hour

After few rounds of heavy meal, we barely can take in any desserts. Since this is Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner, most of the desserts are Malay style and as many as 16 different types of kuih-muih. Personally, I like Kuih Ketayap and Kuih Bahulu. Kurma are available too in different coating such as black sesame, walnut, almond and so on. Since, I was sick, so I focus more on the fruits, such as kiwi and dragon fruit.  

Overall, I think Ixora Hotel Penang's Sinaran Ramadan Buffet Dinner is worth the money. I am willing to pay RM82 and go across the Penang bridge just to savor on the succulent roasted lamb, appetizing oxtail soup and various main dishes. What are you waiting for? 

Book now and Buka Puasa with your friends/family!

3096 Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 
13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.

Call: 04-3828888 (ext 1403)

Enjoy food hunting! ;)
Till then.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Getting a Free Week at a CLC World Resort!

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One of Europe's own largest independently owned resort operating companies is bringing back a promotion that began in 2016 into the holiday season for 2017. CLC Worlds Resorts & Hotels has over 20 operating locations in 7 different places all over the world, from Spain to America. They've been in business for 3 decades and counting and hope to earn some new faces in their resorts by offering a 7-night stay at one of their beautiful resorts for free!

CLC World Promotional Holidays won't be available for too long, so make sure if you're interested you get the form filled out on their website soon to speak with one of their representatives about more information. Here, we'll cover the basics.

First off, it's not a scam! There has been some talk online about the genuineness of this promotional offer, but you do receive the trip to one of the resorts for just a small booking fee. In return, they require you visit a presentation about CLC World and what all they have to offer in hopes of getting you to join them with a membership. Some may find this a small price to pay, while others won't find the time worth it.

Moving on to the details of these offers! Three of the twenty-four resorts are available to stay in for free during this holiday offer. The Paradise Club and Marina del Sol in Spain and Kusadasi Golf & Spa in Turkey on the Aegean Coast are the featured resorts and destinations you can find yourself whisked away to. Make sure you state which is your preference on the form online before submitting.

Now, why would a company as successful as CLC World want to give out free weeks at their resorts? The reason is quite simple. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and if you experience the comfort of their resorts in person, your recommendation will be all the more influential. Plus, they hope you and your family will be so impressed with their resort you'll join them again and again in the future.

What can be expected at a CLC World resort? While more information on the specifics of each resort can be found on their website, CLC World prides themselves on the beautiful, welcoming apartments and amazing entertainment and dining offered to it's residents during the holidays. Signature restaurant chains can be found at the resorts as well as exclusive clubs for everyone, including the kids.

Swimming pools, spacious apartments, luxury options such as a personal chef or a signature suite, and an entertainment crew found nowhere else help to create a memorable experience at CLC World. Interested in what you've read? Take a closer look and decide for yourself if you think a free 7-night stay at one of their resorts is something you and your family would enjoy!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Print Business Cards Online at GOGOPRINT!

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Recently I was planning to print my business card for both #IBlogMyWay and #YourFinanceDoctor, but I was not sure where to go and what kind of card design format should I submit. So I have decided to do it online at GoGoPrint instead, which would be easier and avoid all the hassle

Print Business Card Online at GoGoPrint!

Step 1: Head over to www.gogoprint.com.my
With the technology advancement, all sort of businesses are available online which makes life easy

Step 2: Create An Account and Login
For the ease of ordering, simply create a free account with GoGoPrint.

Step 3: Select Product
I like simple and straight forward design of websites. A simple click on "Products" will shows you all the products while it could also be sorted accordingly to the type of functions.

Step 4: Select Designs
Simple instructions with drop down list given each selection options. For mine, I have chosen 9 x 5.4cm which is the common name card size. Then, print "Full Color on Front and Back" as I wanted it to be one side for #IBlogMyWay and another side for #YourFinanceDoctor. I have chosen the recommended paper type which is 310g Art Card and lamination glossy for the finishing.  

Step 5: Select Quantity and Delivery Speed
Great thing about GoGoPrint is that I get to see a table of different number of quantity with different delivery speed and the printing price. They even made it simple for us to compare by showing the price per unit. After keying in my postcode, a table list of price was shown. I have chosen the 500pcs with 24 hours production that costs RM120.95 or RM0.2419 per piece. 

Step 6: Finalize Options
Since the Help Center has shown step by step procedures to produce my business card design format, so I chose to provide Print-Ready PDF file so that it would not cost me anything. Meanwhile, for file check, I have chosen Standard Check which is FREE as well. You can check again all the details in Order Summary and my total price is RM120.95. 

Step 7: Proceed to Checkout
Key in discount code if you have any and proceed to checkout. 

Step 8: Select Payment Method and Upload File
Select the payment method which available with either Internet Banking or Debit/Credit Card. Then proceed to upload the design file. 

Overall, I was satisfied with the services from GoGoPrint. Through the guide given in the Help Center, I was able to follow the step by step procedures to complete my artwork in the correct format, bleed, margin, resolution, color mode, fonts and even the file type. 

After submitting my artwork, I did received a phone call from GoGoPrint advising me to increase the size of the line in my artwork so that it looks nicer. I see that as a good gesture as they didn't simply print it for the sake of business, but trying to produce the best for the customer.

Of course, the business cards that I have received from GoGoPrint are in good quality. So now I can start to exchange business cards whenever I attend any event or bump into anyone. If you are looking to printing services online,check out GoGoPrint

Till then! ;)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Masakan Kampung Ramadhan Buffet 2017 @ Eastin Hotel Penang

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Ramadhan is coming again and this year Eastin Hotel Penang's culinary team putting together an elaborate "Masakan Kampung" style Ramadhan buffet dinner, the kind of feast that mothers used to prepare for special occasions. This special buffet promotion will be starting from 28 May to 24 June 2017 at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang. 

Masakan Kampung Ramadhan Buffet

28 May - 24 June 2017
7pm - 10pm

Normal Price : RM120 nett 

Senior citizen and children get 50% discount!

As usual starting with the appetizer, Eastin Hotel Penang offers 10 different choices of Aneka Kerabu (Assorted Salad) with some of the noteworthy ones such as Kerabu Ikan Masin, Kerabu Mussels and even Kerabu Petai! I am not really a Kerabu-person as sometimes I find them either too salty or too sourish to my liking, but these were just nice to kick start my meal

If you need power pack for protein especially for those gym-goers, salmons are available under the assorted sushi and sashimi with condiments section. Since baby and I ate quite a lot of salmon recently (both at home and outside), we went for more on the butterfish. Assorted sushi? Not at all as we do not want to stuff our stomach with rice. 

Assorted fruits are available and as usual, we took those uncommon and expensive ones such as kiwi, strawberries and plum! 😁 But personally I took some nangka (jackfruit) as well cause I find them appetizing given that they have the distinctive fragrance that I like. 

Since it is a Ramadhan buffet, Eastin Hotel Penang also provides Ulaman dan Herba Kampung and some greens for DIY salad. Rojak Mambo is available too with all the crucial ingredients such as cucumber, pineapple, fried tofu, jicama and most importantly the mouth-watering black-thick shrimp paste. Too many food to try in the buffet, so baby and I totally skipped this! 😆

For the main course of the Ramadhan buffet, Eastin Hotel Penang serves some of the hot dishes such as Ketam Manis, Kong Po Sotong, Kam Heong Bubuh Lala, Oatmeal Prawn, Daging Kuzi Daun Pudina, Ayam Masak Merah and many more. I bet these names certainly ring a bell as these are exactly what our mum would cook. Kam Heong Bubuh Lala (Bamboo Clam) is rare to find in a buffet dinner, but I certainly find the Kam Heong style satisfying to go with rice!

Then, here comes some of the main highlights of the Masakan Kampung Ramadhan, Gulai Daging Kawah Gopi and Gearbox Soup! Gearbox Soup at the mini stalls caught my attention the most as I never expect that it would be served in a buffet dinner! A big pot of soup with full of huge cattle bones, this is like the another version of oxtail soup that I like a lot. The fun part is that we were given a straw to slurp in all the bone marrow! Yums!

The next highlight is the Kambing Golek Beratur Panjang (Roasted Lamb) which made of fresh blended herbs accompanied with mouth-watering Biryani Pak Raj. 5 different sauces were available, but baby and I like the mint sauce the most. 

There are a few mini stalls that serve a varities of dishes such as Ubi Bakar, Selangor Popiah Basah with Condiments, Pulut and Lemang, Ketupat with Assorted Serunding and many more. Chicken Satay, Beef Satay, Tandoori Skewers and some of the soup noodles are available during the buffet.

Lastly, dessert to end the meal at the Ramadhan buffet. On top of the typical dessert such as Chocolate Fountain and flavorful cakes, Eastin Hotel Penang also serves some Malay cookies, Traditional Malay Kuih, ais kacang and also ice cream. This round, baby and I like the bread pudding the most especially it was topped with our favorite pistachio nuts! 

During the Ramadhan buffet, guests will be entertained by the live band performance from 3-piece Batak band all the way from Indonesia. They certainly make the ambiance much more relaxing

Overall, I find it worth to try given that there's gearbox soup and roasted whole lamb. So if you are looking for a place to dine during Ramadhan, look no further, Eastin Hotel Penang should be top of your list! To make it more attractive, head over to Eastin Hotel Penang Facebook (Click Here) to get discounted price at RM100 nett per person! 

Book NOW at 604 - 612 1128

Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang.
1, Solok Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Email: info.pg@eastin.com

Happy Ramadhan in advance!
Till then! ;)
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