Friday, April 28, 2017

Doutor Coffee Japan @ Gurney Plaza Penang

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Doutor Coffee Japan finally opened their first outlet in Penang at Gurney Plaza. It is a Japanese retail company that specializes in coffee roasting and was founded by Toriba Hiromichi. Doutor partners with Texchem Group, which owns 106 Sushi King Outlets in Malaysia, to expand Doutor's market in Malaysia. Thanks to their invitation, I was there for the opening ceremony.

Doutor Coffee Japan Now in Gurney Plaza Penang!

Doutor Coffee is well known for its open-flame roasted beans, which is a time-consuming method that involves a labyrinthine process that yields complex, richly flavored coffee beans. Doutor Coffee also practices the "3 Fresh" philosophy - "Freshly Roasted", "Freshly Ground" and "Freshly Brewed". This philosophy ensures that it offers freshly brewed coffee and food are being prepared upon order. 

The Doutor Coffee chain in Malaysia is designed to cater to the different Malaysian taste buds with a beverage menu that not only offers Espresso-based coffee, mixed blends and hand-brewed coffee of single origin, but also whips up non-coffee beverages for non-coffee drinkers. Doutor Coffee also provides wide range of food and even cakes, desserts and pastries. 

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, we had the chance to witness the "Coffee Performance" whereby the Master Roaster, Mr Masahiro Kanno demonstrated to us on how Doutor Coffee is being prepared using the Hario V60 coffee dripper. FYI, Mr Masahiro Kanno is also the chairperson for Training Committee under Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ). 

We get to try and taste the difference between blend and single origin hand brewed coffee. We were given a coffee bean introduction card whereby we get to know the coffee bean is G1 Misty Valley brand from Eithiopia Natural Yirgacheffe region, which is at altitude of 1800 to 2050 MASL. One should expect the taste of incredible fruit sweetness, pineapple and berry notes balanced out with delicate acidity with chocolate finish and velvety body. 

After the performance we get to try most of the food in their menu. We started off with different type of drinks, both coffee and non-coffee beverages. Among all of them, Honey Latte (RM12.90), Military Latte (RM15.90) and Creme Brulee Latte (RM15.90) caught my attention the most. Their decent appearance certainly makes it one of the best for Instagram photo

We tried the Fresh Sandwiches as well which include Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (RM12.90), Tuna Cheddar Sandwich (RM12.90) and even Shrimp Avocado Sandwich (RM14.90)! As you can see from the photo below, the fillings are generous, but given with the price, it should be, otherwise it would be darn expensive. 

We tried the Fluffy Rice series as well which include Fluffy Omu Tomato Rice (RM17.90) and Fluffy Souffle Doria (RM19.90). Fluffy Souffle Doria stands out the most as it is actually sauteed tomato rice topped with fluffy souffle egg, parmesan cheese and parsley. Again, they are all very eye-catching! 

Up to now, all seems to be quite Japanese style right. Boom! Spaghetti! It's available in Doutor Coffee as well! Not just one or two, but all seven different types of Spaghetti up to choose, such as Seafood Tomato Sauce Spaghetti (RM14.90) which consists of clams, mussels, calamari rings and shrimps! Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon Spaghetti (RM15.90) was equally good too but Mentai Shrimp Spaghetti (RM18.90) caught my attention the most! 

Mentai Shrimp Spaghetti features shrimp, Shimeji mushrooms, mentaiko, broccoli and spaghetti, topped with mentaiko and nori! You should notice that I mentioned mentaiko (fish roe) twice, because that's how brilliant it is, imagine the texture you bite on when the fish roe pops in your mouth and added extra flavor to the spaghetti.

If you prefer not so heavy meal, Doutor Coffee offers dessert such as souffle and French Toast as well. We tried Caramel French Toast (RM15.90), Matcha Souffle (RM8.90) and Matcha Souffle Pancake (RM14.90). It's the ultimate combination of Japanese Matcha with French delicacy.

Overall, I think the coffee and food in Doutor Coffee are good and most importantly very affordable especially given that it is located at al-fresco area of Gurney Plaza. Something worth mentioned is that all the items in the menu costs less than RM20, which is a rare case to find in Gurney Plaza. So you know where to go if you are looking for good coffee and good food without burning your pocket!

Doutor Coffee Japan
(Next to Dome, Gurney Plaza)

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 10am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday : 10am - 11pm 

Till then. ;)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Recipes: Drunken Clams

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It has been a while since the last recipe - No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake being posted here. This time around we will share on a dish that we recently made - Drunken Clams! Soaking with the beer, these succulent clams are bursting with natural sweetness of the shellfish. Best of all, just follow some simple steps and you can do it yourself at home too

Drunken Clams Recipe!

Simple to Follow Recipes for Drunken Clams

As you may know, yours truly is also #YourFinanceDoctor, so frugality is my middle name. We only made these when there's promotion where they were being sold cheaply. The only thing that is expensive is the ever-rising-price of garlic! A kilogram of garlic can costs up to RM18 in Bayan Baru Market and RM14 in Giant (smaller in size), thanks to their wide range of benefits as a superfood. 

Ingredients for Drunken Clams
Ingredients for Drunken Clams

Here's the ingredients I used:
Serving for 5
2 kg of Clams (Manila clams, thin shell compare to hard-shell clam like Kappa)
2 tins of 320ml Lager Beer (Tiger Original)
4 big head of Garlic
2 big red onion
1/2 slab of butter
1 French Loaf
1/2 of lemon
1 small bunch of fresh parsley

Easy to Follow Procedures:
As usual, after buying the clams from the market, you should clean, rinse and soak them in salt water for few hours for them to purge sand and grit. Lightly tap on the clams, if they hold their shells tightly back together then they are still fresh and alive, otherwise, throw them away. I got it from the trusted fishmonger in Bayan Baru, so out of 2kg that I bought, only 2 were unusable (1 dead 1 full of mud). 

Garlic and Red Onion for Drunken Clams

Next, coarsely chop all the garlic and roughly slice the red onion. If you do not fancy red onion and garlic, then finely chop them. Then, heat olive oil and butter together in a large pot, add garlic and onion, sauté until they are all soft. Add 2 tins of beer and bring to a simmer. Aroma of the garlic butter and the alcohol from beer will spike your appetite

Add in Beer for Drunken Clams

Add in the clams, cover with the lid and let it simmer until all shells open, which is about 5 minutes. Once they are all opened, remove the pot from heat and stir them around using tongs. Make sure you don't overcook them, as you want the sweet juice from the clams. 

Simmer Drunken Clams

That's all! It's done and serve it right away with French loaf. Personally, I like getting my hands dirty. Dip the bread with the clam beer soup while slurping in the clam meat one after another. Speaking of which, the 2kg serving is huge as in each of the 5 person gets a plate of clams like this! That's how I eat as a seafood lover! 

Recipes: Drunken Clams

How to make it better?
One thing to improve is the soup. The soup was too watery and taste a little bitter. Perhaps I should let the beer simmer for a longer time to take away the bitterness from the alcohol before adding in the clams. Or maybe just use a tin of beer will do as thicker soup would make the bread taste better! 

That's all very easy right! Go try it yourself and let me know your experience too!
Happy cooking! ;)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

S.WINE Wine & Dine Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall Penang

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S.Wine Wine & Dine Restaurant has finally opened their first outlet here in Queensbay Mall Penang. S.Wine is basically the combination of both swine (pig) and wine, which is a heaven for pork lovers, as S.Wine offers a wide range of Asian-Western fusion cuisine. This is their third outlet in Malaysia after the great success in both Publika and Tropicana City Mall.  

2017 Newly Opened S.Wine in Queensbay Mall Penang!

Entrance of SWine Wine & Dine Restaurant Queensbay Mall Penang
Entrance of S.Wine Restaurant in Queensbay Mall Penang
S.Wine Restaurant Menu
S.Wine Restaurant Menu in Queensbay Mall Penang
Wall Decoration in SWine Restaurant of Queensbay Mall Penang
Wall Decoration in S.Wine Restaurant, Queensbay Mall Penang

Baby and I got the chance to try out at S.Wine Restaurant few days after their opening in Queensbay Mall Penang. It is located at the ground floor, which previously was tenanted by Plan B restaurant. The arrangement of the seating still quite similar to Plan B, except some minor changes on the decoration of the wall. Since S.Wine is specialized in pork, you can see pork almost everywhere, be it the decoration on the wall or in every dishes it offers!

Warm Pork Confit Watermelon Lychee Salad Swine 2017
Warm Pork Confit Watermelon Lychee Salad (RM38)

Grilled Pork Neck Green Mango Salad Swine 2017
Grilled Pork Neck Green Mango Salad (RM28)

We started off with S.Wine's salads, which caught us by surprise with the unique combination of the greens and the pork. Warm Pork Confit, Watermelon and Lychee Salad was rather eye-opening as we never thought the combination of the juicy watermelon, sweet lychee and crispy pork confit would matched well. Then the Grilled Pork Neck Green Mango Salad spiced up our appetite but at the same time the pamelo give the pop-in-mouth sweetness. 

Nam Yue Pork Popcorn Bits SWine 2017
Nam Yue Pork Popcorn Bits (RM22)
Pork Satay SWine 2017
Pork Satay (RM24)

For the grazing, we had Nam Yue Pork Popcorn Bits, Pork Satay and Pork Sausage. Among three of them, baby and I like the Pork Satay the most. We usually eat chicken satay, beef satay or lamb satay, but rarely pork satay in Penang, so I would say the Pork Satay is recommended especially if you dipped with their homemade pineapple peanut sauce. 

Bacon Salted Egg Carbonara SWine 2017
Bacon Salted Egg Carbonara (RM26)

Chunky Sausage Bacon Tomato Cream SWine 2017
Chunky Sausage Bacon Tomato Cream (RM30)

2017-SWINE Chunky Sausage Bacon Tomato Cream
Chunky Sausage Bacon Tomato Cream (RM30)

Pasta Bak Chor Mee Recommended Dish for SWine
Pasta Bak Chor Mee (RM20)

As S.Wine provides fusion cuisine of both Asian and Western, pasta would naturally be in the menu. Again, we were amazed by the pasta that we have tried, namely Bacon Salted Egg Carbonara, Chunky Sausage Bacon Tomato Cream Pasta and Pasta Bak Chor Mee. Bacon Salted Egg Carbonara was really creamy and appetizing, but we love Pasta Bak Chor Mee the most, as this is certainly fusion food at it's best! The chef cleverly mixed both Western pasta with Asian pork lard, minced soy pork and vinegar, making the Pasta Bak Chor Mee to the top of our recommended dish

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger SWine 2017
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger (RM35) 

Chargrilled Jerk Pork Belly SWine 2017
Chargrilled Jerk Pork Belly (RM30)

After trying so many different dishes, finally we came towards the main course of S.Wine. We had the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and Chargrilled Jerk Pork Belly. BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger consists of crispy streaky bacon, tender homemade pork patties and oozy cheese sauce served with fries and garden green salad. Meanwhile the Chargrilled Jerk Pork Belly was prepared in 6 hours of sous vide (sealed in vacuum-sealed plastic and soaked in temperature controlled water bath) and served with lychee pineapple salad and green goddess sauce. 

Whole Slab BBQ Ribs SWine 2017
Whole Slab BBQ Ribs (RM98)

Highlight of the day or probably of S.Wine would be their Whole Slab BBQ Ribs! The whole slab ribs was being slow roasted and grilled to perfection, served with fries, coleslaw and lashings of their homemade apple BBQ sauce. The one we had was baby back ribs which is the leanest ribs with less faty and more tender. Personally, I would prefer my whole slab BBQ ribs using the spare ribs which is at the belly area with more fat and juicier. So you might want to remind the waitress on your personal preference upon ordering.

Creme Brulee with Crispy Bacon SWine 2017
Creme Brulee with Crispy Bacon (RM18)

If you still can't get enough of pork after all the salads, appetizers, grazing, pasta and so on, perhaps you should try my recommended Creme Brulee with Crispy Bacon! Yes you see it right, Creme Brulee with Crispy Bacon! The combination that you would never imagine in a million years! But surprising the saltiness and the crispiness of the fragrant bacon matched perfectly with the sweetness of Creme Brulee together with a little sourness from the strawberries.  

Overall, I think the price is more affordable compare to the competitor a few doors away, so if you happen to crave for swine, remember to go S.Wine

Check out their menu at their website:
SWine Facebook Page:

GF-112, 113(A) & 146(A)
Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall Penang
Opening Hours: 1030am - 1030pm
Call for booking: +604 640 8820

Till then!
Happy food hunting! ;)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

[Giveaway!!!] Limited-Time Japanese Curry Menu @ Sushi King, Gurney Plaza Penang

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Sushi King recently launched limited-time Japanese Curry Menu in all their outlets across the whole Malaysia. In conjunction to the launch, I Blog My Way will be giving away up to RM150 cash vouchers for the lucky readers! Read the whole article and a simple giveaway participation instructions are at the end of the post. 

RM150 Sushi King Cash Voucher UP FOR GRAB!

Sushi King introduced an exclusive Japanese Curry Menu that added with a punchy "kick" to suit the local taste buds which is spicy enough to fire up any Malaysian's savory palate. Same like the Korean spicy noodle, baby and I went to take up the challenge! Like the saying goes, "Preparation is the key to success", so our preparation is to get ready with whole bottle of both cold and hot green tea! 😂

With the theme "Curry with a Kick!", the limited-time only Japanese Curry Menu features a total of 12 new items, each item distinctively extraordinary in their own way to be enjoyed starting from 1 April 2017 till 30 June 2017. We started off with the Curry Rice Kick whereby you can choose different dish and different spiciness.

Curry Rice Kick offers 3 different dishes which you can choose from, namely Chicken Katsu, Seafood Fry and Yakiniku (beef) with each set is priced at RM15.90. Next, you can choose your spiciness level which rank from Level 1 - Tomato Curry, Level 2 - Curry and Level 3 - Spicy Curry. Lastly, get "Kicked" by the awesomeness of the Curry Rick Kick! 

Baby and I tried all three, but personally, my recommendation would be Yakiniku with Level 2 Curry. I find it a good pairing between pan-fried beef and long beans with rice and curry. And of course, Level 2 - Curry is still at my comfortable level whereas Level 3 - Spicy Curry made me sweat like a pig. If you don't take beef, then Chicken Katsu would be my next recommendation as the deep-fried chicken cutlets were crispy with the bread crumb, tender and hearty

Sushi King's Japanese Curry Menu also offers dishes on hot sizzling pan, namely Agedashi Beef Curry and Grilled Cheese Curry. Agedashi Beef Curry consists of fried bean curd, pan-fried beef, mushroom and cheese in curry, which selling at RM18.90. Meanwhile, Grilled Cheese Curry consists of deep-fried chicken, long beans, rice, cheese and curry, selling at RM13.90. 

Personally, I prefer Grilled Cheese Curry over Agedashi Beef Curry as I am more of a cheese lover than a bean curd lover. I never really try any combination of cheese and curry at any restaurant, but it does reminds me of my own way of cooking Maggie Mee with added cheese, you should try it! 😋

To make it more interesting, Sushi King also introduced Curry Kiryu Udon which is a flat Udon with tempura prawn and crabstick in curry. Wait what? Flat Udon? We usually take thick round Udon but never flat Udon. Curry Kiryu Udon is almost like Hor Fun which is way flatter and wider in a curry soup. Surprisingly, it was quite tasty, better than my expectation as I do not fancy thick noodle.

Besides all the rice and soup with curry, Sushi King also offers 4 different sushi with added touch of curry, namely Aburi Curry Tamago (RM3), Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan (RM4), Curryfornia Roll (RM5) and Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri (RM6). Yes I did spell it correctly, Curryfornia instead of California Roll, how creative they are! We tried all 4 as well, they were lovely, particularly Curry Ebi. 

To top it off, Sushi King is also serving 2 special desserts to cool down your curry venture with Ice-Cream Doughnuts which available in Vanilla or Matcha flavor, where it is selling at RM4.90 only! Since it is Japanese meal, we would of course recommend to order Matcha Ice Cream Doughnut, sweet and cooling, good to end your meal on a high note!

Here's how to win cash vouchers! 

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Good Luck & Enjoy Sushi King!

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