Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Elmo and I Know It! =DD

Henry Tan | 5:07 PM | | |
Hands up if you are Elmo's fan!!! =DD

Okay, I can't see even if you put up your hands.
But trust me, watch thissss!!! =DDD

Check out how he "wiggle wiggle wiggle"! LOL

Okay, perhaps he didn't wiggle!
But still a nice parody right!
Share it! =DDD
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  1. yuhuuu *hand waving*
    cool elmoooo....he really my super idol =_____=

  2. ermmm....imma elmo fans but wasn't sure bout tis...XD

  3. Elmo fan here! *wave wave!* =P

  4. Finally managed to read your blog coz I was at bf's house while chatting with you. Although I am not Emo's fan but it is definitely cute to the max. Let's us do ""wiggle wiggle wiggle" Hahaha

  5. I'm an Elmo fan, so I'm putting both my hands up. Lol! Lovely!


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