Friday, May 24, 2013

Carvery Night @ E&O Hotel Penang

Henry Tan | 9:33 PM |
Thanks to E&O Hotel Penang I got invited to review their Carvery Night Buffet!
And you know carvery means those cooked meat freshly sliced for you!
They served my favourite....

Slow Roasted Whole Lamb!!

Not many restaurant in Penang actually serves that!
He's so friendly keep posing to let us snap while the fire is burning below! LOL

Some chicken and prawns too! =D

and even the tandoori style! =D

Ready to serve!

Yum yum!

The usual one would be those inside one.

You can order all the grilled seafood.

All the seafoods!

Almost the same as Chef Petr's Catch!

Prawns!! Which is fresh and good!

and even the raw one! 

Still not enough?
They got more!!

All the cooked food.

You name it they have it!

Too many that you don't know what to start with!

For the sushi lovers...

and the cheese lovers....

or even bread lovers.. LOL

After few rounds of makan...

Some fruits can be mixed in between too!


Must end with DESSERTS!!

Good news!

E&O Hotel Penang is having 
30% Discount promotion!

For all buffets!! *refer to the flyer below*

Lastly... something that I play with....

Don't mess with my food! HEHE!

Till then. ;)
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