Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hao You Teluk Kumbar Seafood (公巴好友海鲜) @ Teluk Kumbar, Penang

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Only a few frequent place that I would go for seafood in Penang.
For example: Tua Peh Kong (Sea Pearl Lagoon)  or Hai Boey.
Another one would be the famous Hao You Teluk Kumbar Seafood.

So here's my First-Month-Salary-Treat for the family.

As usual, satay as the appetizer! =D

The beach before sunset.

They even prepared a swing under the tree.

somehow it reminds me of "汪洋中的一條船" LOL

If I'm the boat, 
would you hold me tight and 
never let the waves carry me away?

I would walk by every sunset with you. ;)

Went with family right after work! =D

Claypot Kappa Tang Hun


Sweet Sour Egg Crab

Fried Sotong


Steamed Grouper 

Meat Crab

My sis pro-ly did this! =.=

Old shop..

The view right after sunset. =D


Just food RM251! 

It used to be FULL every weekends, but now....

We used to eat here quite often, even Ah Xian also went there before.
Somehow after years, their quality drops.
The crabs no longer big yet expensive!
(RM55 per kg for egg crab, RM50 per kg for meat crab)
For crab person like me, this is a big disappointment.

Taste: 6/10 (Disappointed! Quality drops!)
Price: 7/10 (Price went up a little too! 8 persons = RM300)
Environment: 7/10 (Seaside! with the sunset scenery!)
Service: 7/10 (Efficient! the seafood was served quite fast too!)

Well, perhaps I would recommend Hai Boey more!
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  1. so tempting... Yday i went to have seafood too. 6 persons cost RM258 .__. so expensive...

  2. SO yummy!! it really triggers my appetite!

  3. Wahhhhh!!! Terima gaji dah!!! Save a bit - when I go to Penang, you give me a treat also, k?

  4. I've been here 3 years ago. Food was good then.

    BTW, good job on treating the family with your first salary. *Applaud!*

  5. I'm waiting for my son to treat me with his first pay. Hahaha! That's really sweet of u, Henry.

    Love seafood but honestly, I haven't tried that ugly-looking shellfish. I don't dare to try because you'll never know what u're sucking out since u can't see inside the shell :<

  6. Nice Seaside with the sunset scenery..... Love!

  7. enjoy the crab while watching sunset? :D so nice eh!!

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  8. but in KL kenot get that price i think. u ordered two crab dishes! fuh! love the beach... ahh... u r a die-hard romantic eh?

  9. OMGGGG!!!! u even went all the way to teluk kumbar for seafood! and all also my favourite food! :(

  10. You took great photographs and make the place looks so much attractive. Keep up the good work! ;)

  11. connie, wow 6 person for that amount is really expensive! but depends on what u eat also la. =)

    eunice, glad that it does! =D

    suituapui, u said it many times ad, when mau mari wor?

    xue ren, yup seeeeeaaafoood! =D

    missyblurkit, wow really? i thought here a bit hidden and no1 would know. =p

    blackswan, wow u should really try!! they are niceee! =DD

    “追食富迪”, thanks! =D

    fish, haha that's call enjoying life! =p

    merryn, mum told u to come penang! den i will treat u like my gf! =p

    camy, lol jom we go one day! =DDD

    keat tan, thanks! =D


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