Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dogs can get married too!

Henry Tan | 6:51 PM |
Never heard before right? =D

Two greyhounds set to marry in dog wedding organized by Wood Green Animal Shelter.

Pete and Zoe met as strays in Ireland, but have been so close to each other since moving to Wood Green in June that the charity decided they should have a special wedding ceremony so that they would always be together.

Photos of dogs wedding are a lot.
But how many of them are actually going through a wedding ceremoney?
They got their wedding vows too!

"Agree to share dog biscuits, squeaky toys, and rolls in the grass, a three-tier liver wedding cake, and a mock vicar in the shape of Gail Lees"

Zoe and Pete are looking for a home with older children - but no cats.

I wonder will there be a divorce too? 
"Would dog be loyalty to their partner as much as they do to their owner?" =D

Source from Daily Chilli
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  1. we just have to wait and see... Haha, maybe it's an open marriage? XD

  2. they can have sex with their own mother - - marry?? no way they are unfaithful .. lols


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