Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is Your Ambition?

Henry Tan | 9:40 AM | |
Personally, this is a simple question but it's hard to answer.
So let me ask you again...

What's your ambition?

Like seriously, have you thought about it?
I mean yes, we might answer it for a lot of time.
Probably since kindergarten.

Performing for the song "Old Mcdonald had a farm, EIEIO~~~" 

When I was in kindergarten, I watched too much of Power Rangers.
Hence, I always dream to be one of them.
Most of the time in kindergarten, I will pretend to be PR with another 4 friends.

Walking in a row as if no one could block our way.  

Daydreaming in class?

Ever since we got involved in Science during primary school,
I always thought how good if can be a scientist or inventor.
And perhaps I could...

Change the world with my discovery or invention.

Inside the society meeting room during high school.

During high school, I realized that there's a big gap between rich and poor.
And I wanna get on to the rich side.
Read a lot of books.
And all eventually telling me that...

Being employer is better than employee.

During university.

And again, I realized that businessman got too much to sacrifice.
Most importantly, time, time spending with family and friend.
So in finding the balance between that,
I chosen engineering which gave me a stable income and sufficient time.

And my ambition is to be....


Millionaire sounds a bit too far to reach.
But the aim to get financial freedom and early retirement,
being a millionaire probably would solved that.
Of course, I also realized that being just engineer not going to take me anywhere near there.
That's why I'm also a Unit Trust Consultant that aims to invest for myself first.

Well, somehow reality kicks in. Increment of the salary of an engineer is pathetic.
After completing my own financial plan, I realized the pace of increment doesn't get me where I want to be.
So I became a businessman again, helping people in their personal finance.
You can find out more about me at #YourFinanceDoctor 
That's how funny life is, nevertheless my dream remains the same! 

Will my dream come true?

Ask me again when I'm 30. =)

But you see, my ambition changes from time to time.
So perhaps you should ask yourself again now.

What is your ambition?
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  1. Everyone wish to become millionaire too :D

  2. oh no.. im 30 already, and still havent reached my target of being a millionair ><

  3. Hahaha!

    Mine quite dramatic. From teacher to police to surgeon to pilot to engineer to event planner. Lols!

  4. And oh, I don't really keep track on how much I've spent :/ what you meant is in Disneyland, right? Just plan wisely before you go then you can cut down those unnecessary spending. :D

  5. Last time, my brother Standar1 (now is Form 5) you know the teacher always give tips about work in the class. Then he wrote I wan become Fisherman.

    My sis told me this and we both laugh like hell in the Car hahaha

    I dunno I need to Angry or what, Well At least I try to give a lesson to my younger brother but still. What he wanted to do, let him be. If he become gamers, I gonna whack him LOL

    Millionaire is a good Idea! Everyone can be like one of them! :D

  6. Many fishermen are millionaires...and not surprised at all, considering the prices of fish these days. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad!!!

  8. When I grow up, I wanna be a Submerryn :P

  9. wey.. all the picture were actually you?? ho ho ho.. I achieve my dream ody.. be the AKI ( Datok ).. in my own way.. Ha ha ha..

  10. I wanna be a millionaire too!
    Your primary school pic is the bomb! :P


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