Saturday, September 25, 2010

Man "Microwaved" his Pet!

Henry Tan | 12:26 PM |
This world is sick! 
The people is getting sicker!

Microwaved his own pet?!?!
Can you imagine that? Grrrrr!

This sick bastard!

Anthony Parker, 29, admitted to have put his pet in a microwave after a drunken row with his girlfriend.

He was sentenced to 9 weeks jail and banned from keeping pet for 5 years.
"He should be banned from keeping pet forever!"
The hamster Suzie was cooked to death with the lips were burned and its eyes were opaque due to the microwave radiation. 

Parker claimed that he was drunk and he had not meant to kill Suzie.

"Why would you microwaved your pet when you are drunk?"
"you should put yourself into it!"

I wish there's some rule that people should die the way how they kill the animal!

Source from Daily Chilli.
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  1. hey not bad wor tht rule... cos sit in jail dont help any also..lolz

  2. :( Poor Suzie... what, just because he doesn't mean to, that means he's not guilty? This is a pet. What if Suzie is his own daughter? Oh wait, someone actually rape his daughter for a year. I guess people just don't care anymore :(.


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