Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dhammikarma Burmese Buddhist Temple @ Penang

Henry Tan | 1:04 AM | |

"Penang got a lot history!"

It is just right opposite the Siamese Buddhist Temple.
So I could say that Penang is a cultural-rich state.

 a lot of statues in there.

 Some of the stories on the wall.

Are they hunting the deers? LOL

Panca-Rupa ( The Guardian Protector)
The combination of all kinds of animal.
So it is suitable to be protector and guarding the world 


The weather in Penang is getting hotter and hotter.
I really not sure why.
But I can feel that it is even hotter than KL.
Which should not be.

So, if you happen to go Penang on a sunny day..
Be sure that...

"Drink more water!"

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