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Puppy Thrown Down Manhole by Dog Abuser

Henry Tan | 4:34 PM |
Latest news about the puppy. =(
The abusers claimed that the dog dumped is still alive.
According to them....

“The dog didn’t die, it ran out”

Yeah right, but you are still cruel!
Try to dump yourself in and see.

“It was an act of stupidity and we regret it.
“We want to apologize to everyone.”

Yes, you are brave enough to stand out to apologize.
But you still deserve a punishment!

I came across this news from SPCA Selangor.
As you know...


Especially dogs!
But this news make me upset and furious at the same time!

Just take a look at the photos...
and tell me you are okay with it?
The story started with...
(Photos taken from SPCA Selangor)
SPCA received a report of a puppy cruelly thrown down a manhole at Persiaran Bistari, Cyberjaya.  

The incident happened 2-3 weeks ago, 
and the perpetrator is thought to be a student at MMU, Cyberjaya. 

He was supposed to be dog-sitting while the owner was away for one month

but when the owner returned he was told his puppy had 'disappeared'.

Through friends, the owner found a video of his puppy 
being forced down a manhole by two people
and promptly contacted SPCA for advice.
Upon a visit by SPCA and the police yesterday, there were no signs of the puppy 

but it is highly likely the puppy had drowned, 
suffocated, suffered broken limbs or died of starvation 
as there is no way to escape from the 6ft-10ft manhole.

SPCA has assisted the owner in making a police report, and will pursue justice for this puppy and further action against the perpetrators with the Dept of Veterinary Services.

How do you feel?

How can they even take a video of it?!
So that they can watch the video everyday?!

Seriously, I curse them to drop into that 10ft manhole!

And straight to hell!

Even with that, still can't ease my anger!!
And make sure they are ashamed of they have done!
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  1. Oh dear! Terrible... I've heard a lot of stories about those foreigners. What's wrong with them? With this evidence, they should be arrested and deported back to their own country.

  2. OMG !!!

    Pity that poor little cute dog ~ SIGH ~

  3. this is horrible.... another gruesome act of animal abuse. this is the reason why I believe there is a need for harsher punishment by law for animal torture!

    1. yupp! agree! there's a need for harsher punishment!

  4. This is terrible! murderer! how could they take another life with their own hand...I wish they could arrest those two culprit! they evidence is obvious if our authority can't do anything with this....speechless!


  6. I hope the police will do something about it. But even if they do, they're only gonna get fined a few hundred bucks. It's fucking dumb. Total Recall 2012 review

  7. I hate people who have no humanity! Crazy people who should be treated the same way :'(

    xox, c

  8. I am always saddened by news like this but sadly that is reality. That's why I've learned to control my emotions when I see things like this. But it's still horrible and unjust.

  9. my friend who staying at cyberis said he heard some puppy was crying very loud but he doesn't know where that sound came from o.o

  10. What rubbish, How some one can become a cruel at such level. It is very bad thing for the people who are doing such a cruel task.

  11. yesh, such a idiotic act! brainless people for those that treat animals cruely! :(

  12. cruel... I really hope to kick them in the face..-.-

  13. there is a rise in the number of animal abuse and our govt is not even taking any action. our animal welfare laws are pathetic. I use the word welfare rather than rights because to use the term rights will only result in even more weird stares from the dumb lawmakers.

  14. so cruel :(
    wonder how the abusers would feel if it was them down at the manhole!!!


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