Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Penang Hill Hike

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Being a Penangite, how can I never hike Penang Hill right?
Well, honestly I was a little underestimate Penang Hill.

"4.6km, nothing much right?"

Okay, maybe I should say the road is slanting!
Or I'm just too weak. >.<
*hiking is never my thing* *excuses*

Okay enough with those. Photos. =)

Those people from Indo. They got event there.

"Try to spot the pretty ones. ;)" 

With the lead of my pro friend, Yong Yee. 

even the flower knows how to pose. =D

Yes, the dog was following the owner on the bicycle!

The half way station that you can rest at. 

I think they should add another: Do not Smoke here. *seriously* 

remember the slanting I said? 

"Yes! 30%! I dunno how they calculated!"
*The jerks who conteng doesn't explain anything either* =.=

See how tiny that person is? yes! SLANTING! 

*Don't simply pluck the roadside flower LOL*

When you reach here, you should be glad!

"Cause that's the end! =DD" 

I went with this group of pro hikers! LOL 

Not really useful i think. 

See clearly in this photo. What can you observe? 

Climb again? Nope! I put the photos in sequence!

"Ok! You don't get it! 
We were walking backwards! LOL"
*prevent from spoiling our knee cap =)*

Luckily we met a kind lorry driver who willing to fetch us down the hill. =D

The entrance and also the exit. =D

I am really glad that I went.
I also appreciate my friends encourage otherwise I might quit half way. =X
But one thing for sure....

"I will be back! =DDD"
*and this time I will be better! ;)*
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  1. Haha. I went to Penang Hill only once in my life before, but not walking up there.


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