Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picture of the Day

Henry Tan | 8:28 PM | |
Starting today I will share some picture of the day!
To kick start this special post,
I would like to present you....


Modric (Right) : Could you please just let me go? sincerely from my heart...
Harry (Left) : Nahhhhhhh....! Eat this I let you go!

Well, finally Harry Redknapp open to Modric's move.
But pretty sure there's something going on!
I never thought Harry would show something like this! LOL.

"Pro photographer to capture 
at the right time huh?!"

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  1. haha yeah.. seen before a few times, can't help but to chuckle :P

  2. his middle finger is crooked! :P

  3. err okie..wanna say the photo taken at good or wrong timing ah? :p

  4. as an arsenal fan, i want to see modric go. hohoho

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