Sunday, September 11, 2011

中秋节快乐 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Henry Tan | 9:36 PM |
Just a short post to wish everyone.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival"

Lantern is something you can't miss! 


and of course mooncake! =D

Too bad the weather isn't good.
So no clear bright moon.

Lastly, wishing everyone..

"Healthy and wealthy!"
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  1. Reading your post makes me miss my family so much.. I miss the time where I'm having a great time sitting at our garden, drinking chinese tea, eating moon cakes and of course laughing together all night. *sobs*

  2. The same to u too, Henry! Love the shots :)
    Dropping by from Luxury Haven

  3. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too my dear friend :)

  4. Veanne, dun sobs kay. u will be going home one day too. =)

    Shirley, thanks! =D

    Isaac, thanks! =D

  5. Same to you, hope you had a great one.


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