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Fine Dining @ Eighty Eight Restaurant, Jalan Kelawai Penang

Henry Tan | 12:59 AM |
There are quite a few of fine dining places in Penang.
Eighty Eight Restaurant is one of the finest of all.

Let's start with the starters!

Muffin bread with burnt butter!

Crunchy bread crust but really soft inside!
Spread with burnt butter to make it smooth but not too oily!

Carefully picked baby Romaine lettuce,
drizzled with homemade caesar dressing,
garnished with crouton, cherry tomatoes, anchovies..
and even Shredded egg!

The lettuce is so crispy!
Looks simple but very delicious!

Spanish cured ham served with homemade fried dough!

Smells nice! Can feel the saltiness of the ham!
But the fried dough balance it off!

Clams cooked in prawn stock, tomatoes, brandy, basil and parsley!

Dried tomato and garlic make the clams taste better!

Signature prawn bisque garnished with assorted seafood bisque.

Thick paste with squid and clams.
Paste made from the blend of small white prawns. 
A very heavy taste of prawns!

Strawberry sorbet!

A mouth washer after the heavy taste of prawn!
I don't know why but it smells like haw flakes ("Saan Zaa Beng" (山楂片) )!

Signature pasta cooked with sundried tomatoes, black olives, clams and prawns!

Fish of the month! 

Oven roasted served with mashed potatoes, 
white wine sauce and rocket salad!
I have to say.. this is AWESOME!

Oven roasted lamb rump, served with pumpkin puree,
mint juice and baby rocket salad!

The baby lamb rump coated with charcoal powder, which is very unique!
The texture is juicy and tender!

Italian pudding served with mixed berries!

Not too sweet mixing with the sourish berries.

Egg based custard with Marsala wine with homemade vanilla ice cream.
Covering the fresh strawberries as a surprise underneath. 

Tastier than it looks! =D

Frozen varlhorna chocolate mousse, banana mousse,
chocolate crumble and banana ice cream!

The chef explaining each of the dishes! =D

The chefs all are very young!

Comfortable environment with very soft love songs.
Make it a romantic place to dine in with your love one!

But on the down side, car park is quite limited.
and you can hardly spot the shop. 

49-A Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Penang.
04 2262821 (better call for reservation)
12pm – 2:30 pm & 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Closed Tuesdays)
GPS: (Estimate) 5.431506, 100.314895 
(Opposite Esso petrol station)

Well, the chef very care about the right ingredient,
right temperature and right method to cook!
He's very particular in every small thing that makes up the good food.
Which could also explain the price of each dishes.

So yeah,

you pay for what you eat. ;)

Till then. ;)
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  1. The clams! Best eaten using hands...and suck suck the gravy.... How to have fine dining like that? There are many many rules - the proper social etiquette that will distinguish a high-class dinner from a no-class one.

    Me, no class one...and also have to remove the shell of the prawns using hands...and the same with eating fish - safer to order fillet, de-boned...or other things. Otherwise, shy lah....go fine dining but the way I eat, so kampung.

    1. lol u have your point there! they should remove the shell for us huh! hahaha

  2. Woww.. everything does look very fancy, including the price ! hahaha Ceaser salad itself is swanky !

    1. hahahhahaha certainly! fine dining but price not fine. =p

  3. Replies
    1. lol i believe u have all the fun at ur place too. =p

  4. Hmm you must be a food lover!

    All food looks delicious! And yes, those chefs are so young!

    1. hahah yeah i am! but wait.. who isn't? right? hahaha

  5. Those foods look so delicious, hope to taste them. I wish there's a restaurant like that here so that I can taste your foods. Fine dining in Manila is more fun too. Thanks.


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