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Vangohh Eminent Hotel And Spa Grand Opening

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Vangohh Eminent Hotel & Spa is officially opened now in Bukit Mertajam, Penang! Bae and I got the opportunity to be invited to their grand opening dinner on 7th December 2018. 

Vangohh Eminent Hotel & Spa Grand Opening

Vangohh Eminent is a luxury five star hotel and spa inspired by art, lifestyle and romance, offers both locals and tourists an inspired place to stay while enjoying enjoying the tranquility and fantastic view of the Bukit Mertajam Hill. 

It was on a rainy Friday evening that bae and I drove all the way from Penang island to Bukit Mertajam, which took us about 2 hours journey thanks to the busy traffic after work. Thankfully there was a hotel transit car to fetch us from outdoor carpark directly to the hotel lobby. 

The event started with opening performance, then followed with opening speech by the founder of Vangohh Eminent, Dato Seri Goh Choon Kim, as well as the opening ceremony officiated by our Penang chief minister, Chow Kon Yeow. 👏👏👏

Personally, I think one of the highlight of the day has to be the speech by Dato Seri where he expressed his gratitude to his wife for supporting him throughout the years and then followed by a kiss. Soooo sweeeet! 😍😍😍

Overall, Vangohh Eminent Hotel & Spa is really super duper grand, bae and I were absolutely amazed by their impressive interior designs, even though we just get to see the lobby and the escalator towards their grand hall since we were rushing to the dinner. But we definitely looking forward to check out their 5 stars rooms and facilities soon! 

Have you been there? What do you think?

Do check out the Youtube video below!

Vangohh Eminent Hotel and Spa
Jalan Machang Bubok 2, Taman Machang Bubok, 
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-548 6888

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  1. Wah new hotel to go when in Bukit Mertajam. Nampak meriah grand opening. Kalau turun Bukit Mertajam boleh la cari hotel ni.

  2. New hotel in Bukit Mertajam? Wow Dato Seri so romantic person..i can see he is a good and loving person. can see when he expressed his gratitude to his wife...that is memorable moment for them...

  3. Wah 2 jam dlm trafik jem cannot tahan la. Ill bet the deco of the hotel must be luxurios. Cant wait to see your picture of Van Goh Hotel

  4. New 5 stars hotel opening ! Must be grand and expensive the charges! Looks luxurious!

  5. wa congrats Vangohh Eminent Hotel & Spa. now there's more hotel in Penang to choose from. yay!

  6. Wah, hotel mewah yang baru. Tertarik dengan konsep art, lifesyle dan romance. Boleh masuk dalam list hotel hunting trip next year! Thanks for sharing

  7. I am not familiar with Penang but the new hotel will be grand and luxurious based on your writes. 5star hotel must be provide the best to their customers rigt? I believe this Vanngoh Emninent Hotel & Spa will be famous soon.

    By the way, Dato Seri looks so romantic and sweet husband for his lovely wife. Oh so sweet moment as husband and wife. Happy Forever.

    Cannot wait your next entry to share about their design inside . Excited!

  8. Wow lively hotel opening this hotel does not look like a picture of the hotel if you can go to sleep there and review there must be the best 5 star hotel hehehehe.

  9. Why no picture the hotel.. Hehehe.. I want to look how the hotel looks like. .Meriah opening ceremany dia.. Nanti i google ok gambr hotel mcm mne. .5 star ye mwsti selesa

  10. Wah.. meriahnya majlis pembukaan Vangohh Eminent Hotel & Spa ni. Hotel 5 bintang ye. Kalau boleh, kongsilah dengan kami semua gambar hotel tu. Mesti cantik kan :)

  11. Kak dah lama tak pegi opening, tahniah atas pembukaan hotel 5 star

  12. dah lama tak mai penang , next time datang penang boleh cuba stay kat sini...and next entry jangan lupa selit gambar bilik dalam hotel ni pulak the way thanks info

  13. Wahhh ada hotel baru lagi kat penang..mesti rambang mata kalau sis kat sana nak pilih hotel yg mana satu. Nanti nak googlelah hotel ni..nk tgok cantik ke tidak 😊

  14. Meriahnya pembukaan hotel baru tu. Di bukit mertajam ya. Saya belum pernah sampai ke sana lagi.

  15. Wow.. Hotel baru 5 star dah dibuka di bukit mertajam ??? Congrats dato seri! Nmpk meriah...

  16. finally the waited is here... knowing this couple stories for sometimes...
    i can't wait to go back hometown to check this out!

  17. Opening hotel macam Gala dinner. Mesti cantik hotel ni. Sebab ruang event dia pun gempak. Kalau ke Bukit Mertajam, Ruby pi sana nanti tengok. Hopefully list hotel ni ada dalam booking, agoda dan trivago. Hehe

  18. Wow.. hotel and spa terbaru kat Bukit Mertajam? nampak wow.. tapi jauh dari tempat TB.. kalau pi Bukti Mertajam boleh la singgah hotel tu..

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