Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chef Petr's Catch @ Sarkies, E&O Hotel Penang

Henry Tan | 6:39 PM |
Anyone fancy for massive of seafood? =D
Well if you are, you might not want to miss this!
Because I'm giving out vouchers!!

From the deep blue sea....

Chef Petr's Catch!!

Normal price would be RM110++ but now....

RM80++ only!!

Starting with the yummy-licious oyster! 

Oyster on Ice!!

Eat all you can! =DDD

Alaskan Snow Crab Claws!

Boiled River Cray Fish

Fish with different types of servings!

Oyster Omelette sizzling from the pan!

One big plate of sashimi!!


Cray fish says hi to you! =D

A lot of different Fruits!

All desserts!! Definitely can cure your cravings! 

So nice that you must take a photo before eating it! =D

The chef! =D

All you can find in Sarkies @ E&O Hotel!

Hoho! Let me present you....

AWESOME Imported Seafood!! =DDD

See their size! Bigger than my hand!

All you have to do is....

Print this banner below!!

(with my blog URL - http://iblogmyway.blogspot.com)

Make early reservation with the hotel
604-222 2000 (ext 3601/3602) 
before 24 April 2013 

Done! Pay cheaper!!

RM80++/pax (adult) and RM38++/pax (child)
Save RM30 for adult! =D

If you are a seafood lovers...
This is definitely a good chance!!

But remember...

Go with an empty stomach
Eat all you can!! 

Till then! ;)
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  1. If only i have that much to eat! :O

    1. sure can one! u always have another stomach for dessert righttt! =D

  2. Lovely post, Henry! Too bad I didn't have time to visit E&O :<

    1. thanks Shirley! ofcourse! you are too busy with so many reviews! =D

  3. The Alaskan Snow Crab Claws and cray fish are rarely seen on buffet, thumbs up!

  4. wah..so nice...i wish im in penang rite now...

  5. woooooooo seafoods! YUMYUMMM haha too bad I don't stay in penang :(

    1. hahaha u can always come! but be sure to ring me up for a date! =p

  6. OMG *drools* Look so yummmyyyyy! Too bad I'm not in Penang D:

    1. hahaha my photoshooting skill very good leh. =p

  7. wahhhh so many good seafood there! :D

  8. Goooodness! Look at those sashimi, i'm craving for that ad!

  9. Goooodness! Look at those shashimi, i'm craving for it ad!

  10. I like the pic u took with the seafood.. u look so entau.. hHAHHAHAHAHAH! chiah jiak pui laaaa~~~ ;P

  11. omg i wanna eat so much >.< and i saw my friend at your picture = =

  12. Gee...Look at the amount of sashimi...I am not too sure if that's a turn on for me. Feels like I can see the Salmonellas partying on it... They've better handled it well.


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