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Tax: E-Filing 2014

Henry Tan | 9:35 PM |
Updated: 27/3/2014
I got back my claim on PCB! =D

IRB is efficient! =D

Hello taxpayers! It's tax season again! =D
You can start submitting your e-filing from now onward.
Less than 2 months to deadline! 

Due date : 
Non-business Income : 30th April 2014
Business Income : 30th June 2014

Well, just in case you haven't read my previous post about tax:

How To Claim Income Tax 2011?

e-Filing is to do self assessment on your income tax for year assessment (YA) 2013.
Is either you claim back the Potong Cukai Bulanan (PCB) due to the overpay...
Or declare your extra income and pay the tax.
With proper tax planning, of course I'm claiming back my PCB! =D
**because my pay is not high too la >.< **

e-BE for me as I do not have any business.. YET!

Since this is my second year, all I have to do is just Login.
**thankfully I still remember my password =D**

They have all my records! All auto-fill up! 

Just double check only! 
Especially your bank account number! Hehe!

You just have to fill in your income based on your EA Form.
For PCB, it will auto filled up based on the amount you paid in 2013. 

Fill in all the tax deduction you have in 2013!

This is the part where Tax Planning is important!

If you do it right....


You can claim back full amount of my PCB! =D

Make sure your bank account number is correct again!

You have to "Sign" the e-filling form too!

All done! Wait for the refund! =D

Do it ASAP and you might get the refund back earlier!
With all the tax relief and tax rebate, I think it's easy to do tax planning!
For a fresh engineer like me, you could easily claim back all your PCB!
Maybe it could be just a few hundreds, but no point donating to #youknowwho , right? =X

Here's a few tips on Tax Planning:
1. Yearly medical check up is important to keep track of your health! - RM500
2. Books/Magazine is a good investment in yourself! - RM1,000
3. Put a right amount of money in life insurance is a good protection! - RM6,000
4. Invest some into Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) is good for retirement! - RM3,000
5. Buy some insurance premium for medical or education as saving! - RM3,000

Allocate the right amount at the right place,
to get the optimal benefit out of tax relief. 

And that's the wonder of tax planning.
To find out more about it, feel free to ask me here!

Start planning for 2014! =D

Till then. ;)
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  1. Wow! tax paying again! I almost forgot to submit mine!

  2. PCB = Potongan Cukai Berjadual.

  3. So fast you get your tax refund back, I didn't even submit yet.

    1. haha why this year so late? high income ad dunno how to count? =p

  4. Very nice we blog and useful! I feel i will come back one day !

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