Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Sea Restaurant (黄金海岸) @ Pantai Morib

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Yes! I am back to introduce more nice food! =D
This time.. the title says it all! Seafood! AGAIN! LOL.
Spontaneously, we found this restaurant.

Golden Sea Restaurant

The menu board

The sitting.

You can choose either the hut or the one without.

you can even sit the swing while waiting!

Coconut! whoots!

The vege. 

Lala... whoots!

Kam Heong Crab!

The nice seaside!

I like it very much!

Undeniable, for a Penang boy like me,
Seaside is like the whole world for me!
After all, I grew up in an island surrounded by sea! =D

Taste: 8/10
Price: 7/10 (RM63 for all! lesser than what we expect)
Environment: 9/10 (Super nice at the seaside! but mosquito a bit annoying!)
Service: 8/10 (attentive and put up the mosquito repellent for us)

Pantai Morib
(Click Link for map)
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  1. There's a cake flower over the crab (O.o)

  2. wanna visit that place too...=)..its quite wonderful view lolz...

  3. hi can i have your Restaurant address ?

  4. the "Creamy cheese claypot Crab" is yum yum!

  5. The waitress missed out our order. N the foods are so so only. The bad experience was the place was so dirty

  6. how far is the place from morib gold coast?is it nearby?


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