Friday, August 27, 2010


Henry Tan | 11:25 PM |
Went to watch this movie last night.
Phua Chu Kang this show I used to watch long time ago on NTV7.
So it isn't weird for me to watch this movie.
Somehow some of my friends are so reluctantly to watch.
Ain't know what's the reason. =.=


Right before the movie started, it was shown that it is rated U(umum).
Then, my friend said "U means not interesting already." LOL
Without even thinking, i just replied him :

"If is Phua Chu Kang's 18sx, I don't think I want to watch.LOL"

Will you want to watch? =p

As expected, a lot of funny scene which can makes u laugh a lot.
Somehow, the drawback was too much Malaysian style.
To me, he is funny with all his Singlish since last time.
So now, the Malaysian style seems not that interesting already.
Ohya, promoting too much on the Nippon Paint too. LOL.

Well, worth watching though. =)
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