Sunday, August 29, 2010

Outing @ Pantai Morib

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Sorry again to those who asked me why I didn't ask you all to go.
I am pretty much a SPONTANEOUS person.
I made last minute decision.
And this outing is just one of it.

Sorryyyyyyyyy! I'll try to be more....

what's the opposite of spontaneous? LOL



This is a very very long post.

I took 350 photos.

And i just choose

35 to upload.

Are u sure you can slowly see it all??? =D

The simple map. lol

 Pantai Morib. =D

The newly build structure! Birdies!
 And also the kites!

The new shop lots.

Clear blue sky! just like Japan!

 Ice cream... =p

Hmm. no people there.

The cloudy sky above the sea!

Closed view of the Kite! lol

and the kites...

Big trees that they should preserve.

The new structures..

The big compass.

Birdies flying!

Kites and watch tower!

More birdies flying home!

Need a break? 
You are in the half way! =p
Well Done!

I just cant get enough of the nice view here!

The watch tower! Can let you watch for pirates! LOL

erm.. the weird design of the path?

View from the top of watch tower!

Can you spot the monkeys?

The small durian! LOL

Isn't that nice?

The small hut..

The waves...

The fishing man.

Small durian in two. lol. 

The new built "The Gastrapods"

I know you will ask what is Gastropods. Click in to see.=)

Red Tree? or Prawns? lol

The sun is going down!

Monkey said:"You Jump I jump"

Sun Set. =D

Bye bye Morib! I will be back!

It is totally different with the last time i went.
Everything changed.

No more little crabs.
No more crowds.
No more kites.
No more bubbles.
No more food stalls.
But memories remain

 Thanks for slowly reading it all. =)
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  1. Hey!
    How many places have you been to recently?

  2. You cry, I cry....
    You laugh, I laugh...
    You jump....I say,'Fuuuuuyyyoooo! Confirm matiiii ooohhhh!!!"

    XD juz kidding.

  3. thanks... iam going brng my family this coming october 2012...this blog are helping me a lot.... a very thanks to you...

  4. your blog is awesome~ thanks for sharing so many nice photos and useful info about the place~~^^

  5. Hi, can I know that where can we BBQ?( places there are with shade) Thanks :)

    1. hi, unfortunately after they build with those things, i dont think it is suitable for BBQ. perhaps you can go here:

      they got wide beach, big trees. =)


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