Tuesday, June 25, 2013

iPad Mini Need to Wears too!

Henry Tan | 8:41 PM |
Well like the Chinese saying..

"A man is uplifted by his clothes 
uddha by gilding."

So does your iPad mini!
I'm sure most of you wouldn't mind buying a good casing.
But those cases can be really expensive and easily costs up to RM100++
Hence, it is a headache to buy a good one out of thousands and hundreds type of it!

Well, a good way to start is to know what style you are looking for!
This is one of the iPad mini cases that caught my attention.

Belt-Suit case for iPad Mini cover!

Who would ever thought that your iPad mini would needs a belt too? =p
And the function is the same as the belt you are wearing!
The elegant looking iPad mini cover is just so stylish isn't it? 

So which style you like? =D

Till Then. ;)
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  1. Replies
    1. hahaha i know u would say that! is not like belt that buckle up one. but rather just those snap button! =D

  2. I love this casing, very modern looking!

  3. casing to protect your wife ar. LOL. should buy one le!

    1. loll wahhhh good u still remmeber those are my wife. hahaha

  4. the case given by friends is my favourite ipad mini case ;)

  5. tak suka la the one with belt... quite mafan actually. As long as it has front cover then it's fine to me :)

    1. hahaha so u are looking more for protection ;)

  6. Nice! Perfect for casual and work ;)

  7. cool.. feel free to check us out as well for iPad skins at http://www.iskino.com.my


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