Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oppsss! You are Under Arrest!

Henry Tan | 7:15 PM |
Yup! You!
Why are you clicking my ads? 
and asking me to click back yours?

You are under arrest for the violation of Click Fraud, Section 6, Nuffnang Terms and Conditions! *sounds like police or what =.=*

LOL! Well, not, yet!
You are still given a chance to stop doing so!

What is Click Fraud?
It is defined as clicking on CPC advertisements intentionally just to generate earnings for a blog’s owner.

Example of Click Fraud:
- clicking on other bloggers’ ads and leaving a comment behind asking/hinting to the owner to click on their ads back
- asking for blog visitors’ help to click on the ads
- registering a large number of blogs and clicking on ads on each of them
- repeatedly switching to a different IP to click on own ads

"Feeling guilty huh? =p"  
*don't worry, i felt so too =X

Possible punishment:
- tracked down those bloggers, documented.
- advertisers will be selective on blogs with no records of click fraud.
- suspended and banned the involving parties.

I guess it is not the punishment that we should be afraid of.
But rather not doing the wrong thing.

So, dear visitors, don't click for me and ask me back ya! 
Click only if you are interested! =)
I will do the same too! =D

"Stop the Click Fraud now!"
"Late is better than never!"

source from Nuffnang.
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  1. Oops. Most of my earnings is from ads i click myself... I'm the guiltiest of them all. x_x

  2. =.= kellie kan. drop by my blog more! =D


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