Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mouse Sandwich!

Henry Tan | 10:23 AM |
Yes, like the name, do you wanna try? =D

I bet you don't after seeing this photo:

Super irritating right? =S

Well, it happens in UK, where a father of four bought the Hovis Best of Both at Tesco.
He had already used several slices before he made the gruesome discovery.

The worst is that:
"An environmental health officer said the tail was missing. 
I wondered if we'd eaten that earlier"

=S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S =S
of course the company was being fined. 
But at the end, you still the one eaten the bread. =.=

Lesson learn:

"Take out the whole load of bread, 
check before you eat!"

Source from Daily Chilli
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