Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paris is Coming to KL!

Henry Tan | 11:33 AM |
YUP! Despite all the recent issues that happening to her!
She will be coming to Pavillion, KL to launch her products on Sept 23!
Her products including her new fragrance called Tease and her Paris Hilton Fall/Winter 2010 handbag collection.

She will be accompanied by her sister, Nicky, and will also hold a meet-the-fans session at the shopping mall.

So guys! Let's go to see her! =p
Chance to see the real her!
Better than always just see her in......... =X LOL
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  1. Ahh.. I hope she don't look like a doll (like Celine Dion when she was here in M'sia). It'll be a horror! And too bad, she's only able to wear less-skin-showoff clothes. PROBABLY a baju kurung? NICE!


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