Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Cup of Memories

Henry Tan | 4:59 PM |
This cup of chinese herbal reminded me....

American Ginseng Fiber - Yang Shen Xu(洋参须)

"Don't be scared! 
This actually taste very nice!!!"

I remember at home my mum would prepare this for us. 
But what reminded me is that...

I used to prepare this for her
I purposely went to a chinese pharmacy shop to buy.
And boiled it for her to drink. =)

What is the purpose?
Cool down your body. 清热、补气.

How to prepare?
Very easy!
Just put in a cup of boiled water with the American ginseng fiber.
That's all!

To make it taste better:
Personally I like to add in some salt, so that it taste better!
Or you could also add in Chrysanthemum. They matched well! =D

Try to make one your own!
Or for your love one.
Because we care. =)

p/s: you can request from me, I will make you one! =p

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  1. i want :P

    wah .. help milo advertise too :X

  2. lol. really? come, give me ur address! i deliver to u! =D

    no lar. haha. but i couldn't find any glasses. =.=

  3. I know this sound a bit offtopic...but it reminds me of the tapeworms taken out from the intestines...which I just watched before reading your blog...

    Gah, get it out of my mind! This probably taste better than I thought :)

  4. wow!~ it looks great but a bit scary~ XD
    is it expensive? =D

  5. lol. nona. really very offtopic. =p
    u mean those ginseng looks like tapeworms? lol

    chamy.. scary what wor? taste really nice! =D
    erm. not expensive lar. not ginseng but just the fiber. =)

  6. My bad, not tape worms, it's Ascaris Worms.

    Almost look as the ginseng in your cup.

  7. Serving worm juice for my loved ones doesn't sound appealing at all, son :P


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