Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Girls Really Want?

Henry Tan | 10:30 PM |
Yes, I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y!

I bet there are thousands of answers that you could find from google. 

Here's one example:

What girls really want? Here's the top ten!

1. Intelligent and Aware of things happenning around him:: 
Ok now…do you think a hot babe would want to waste her time on some guy who has a brain of a size of an peanut? I guess not! Nothing is more desirable to a girl than a man with superior intellect! Don’t worry boys, I am not talking about geeks,nerds or bookworms (though this season nerds are all the rage..hehe :P)….you just have to be apt enough to be aware of all that is happening around you and her call it knowing the latest books, latest music, latest hangout’s, or whatever she’s interested in!

2.Good Sense of Humour:: 
All girls, and I mean it….all of them, want their man to have what it takes to get a smile on her face! Great sense of humour is a good way to set the fireworks!

3. You Make her feel Beautiful:: 
Gals,if you don’t know the obvious yet…love compliments! So start the showering boys….!

4.Good Dresser:: 
Now, this is very important…chic’s don’t want to be seen around in public with guys who wear “cheap flourescent green”-similar clothing!

5.You Challenge her to be Better:: 
For example, you see her letting a great talent go to waste, encourage her; maybe that’s all she needs. Don’t be afraid to sign her up for an art class, or push her to pursue a career you know she’d be good at. The fact that you care that much about her well-being will make her want to keep you around longer.

6.You Respect her and her Family:: 
It’s important to avoid letting your ego get the best of you, so if your mentally still stuck in the 18th century you must adjust to changing times. You have to understand that she’s an equal part of the relationship. Bid advice is to try to embrace her family early on. In addition to scoring goodie points, being kind towards her parents is a great way to show that you’re serious about the relationship!

7. Give her space:: 
Trust is the key to the happiest of all relationships. Let her hang-out with her guy friends, let her have fun without you! She expects you to understand! She can’t just stop talking to all of her guy friends! It’s awkward! So be a nice guy and remember this!

8.Guys that keep their Hormones in Check:: 
 When they first meet you. Chics are very turned off by guys that act like a dog in heat that make sexually suggestive remarks and become all touchy with them very soon!

9. Ambitious:: 
Girls are looking for guys who know what they want. They want guys who know where he is going in life and how to get there.

10. Good Conversationalist:: 
Last but not the least…he should listen to what she has to say! Girls adore guys who listen to them and love sharing things…so be quite…give her some time to open up!

But personally, things that i know for sure is...

"Stop asking the girl to understand you while you don't even understand the girl."

"Stop telling the girl what you need before you give in everything."

"Everything is about give and take.
Give before you take!"
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  1. applied these "laws" to yourself yet? :P

  2. Very true especially 4-9. I believe every gal wants different things, some even more than the list above=)

  3. david.. haha. actually i shud say those are from my experience. LOL.

    yenyin.. haha. yup. that's just top ten for most of the girls. not all. lol =)

  4. For No 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, get a pet! :P

  5. about those girls who don't know what they want? o.o


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