Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Henry Tan | 12:34 AM |
"Yes. Let's stop child abuse!"

Maybe I should start by giving the definition.
According to Wikipedia...
"Child abuse is the physical, 
sexual or emotional mistreatment of children."

Well, there are 4 main types of abuses:
- neglect
- physical abuse
- psychological/emotional abuse
- child sexual abuse

"Child abuse cast a shadow the length of a lifetime."

Trust me, i been through that!
But i guess all older generation people also same!

Well, maybe caning is still acceptable.
But please, do it the right way! 
Backside or palm? but definitely not all over the body!

"Other than that, please no!!!"

Besides, i always believe this 3 steps:

"Positive encouragement -> Negative encouragement -> Punishment"

Always start with positive encouragement.
Be patient with them!

"Remember you used to be kid before too!"



"Don't ever let your kids to go through what you have been through!!!"

Peace out!

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  1. I want to start a blog about the sexual abuse i went through as a child, and i am also writing a book aboutit, how should i go about doing that? and what should i call my blog to get attentinon

  2. we all need to help in stopping child abuse....i agree. I have this petition for you all to sign if you wish its to make harsher punishments for child abusers/neglectors..your signature will be so great....add me on fb or this

    tiffany recruited joshua to sign the petition | about 1 month ago

    Everyone...and the higher ranks: justice.. make harsher punishemnts for child killer/abusers and neglecters/change.org


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