Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midnight Duck Rice @ Air Itam, Penang

Henry Tan | 10:49 PM |
Frankly, at Sungai Ara, its hard for me to find a dining place after 10pm!
I mean except for those mamak which there are only two!
So for a guy that used to KL life to stay in Penang...


Anyhow, so I get to go this shop which only open at MIDNIGHT!

The big one, RM5!

The small one, RM4!

Not much difference huh?!

It actually consists of duck, pork, intestines, egg and taugua!

This combo is niceeee!

It is actually located at the market of Air Itam.
It is just right opposite of famous Laksa of Air Itam.
The operating time starts from 11pm until finish. =D

Taste: 8/10 (The combo was awesome! and I like the kuah!)
Price: 7/10 (RM5 per plate perhaps a little expensive in penang!)
Environment: 5/10 (Old and dirty, near to market which is smelly! =S)
Service: 7/10 (Quite fast! altho have to queue!)


Are you hungry now? =p
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  1. Your post really makes me hungry now x(

  2. only open @ midnight?
    to cater what type of customer?
    D duck rice looks good ...

  3. This is no good reading food review during midnight. I'm hungry!


  4. you know what, imma reaching home and found out my gas is run out.. so, imma fuckin hungry right now while opening your blog in da middle of the night make me feeling dangggg hungry.. ha ha ha.. :D.. I should aware with the title next time then.. :p.. LoL

  5. @hilda~~ opps! sorry but that's my purpose! XD

    @simple person~~ yup only midnight. well perhaps youngsters that stay up late? I went around 1am, but still got queue.. and those people are mixed combination with no specific similarity. =S

    meitzeu, LOL! sorry! =p

    @aki, LOL what a bad day for u to run out of gas ya! haha

  6. I love duck! I go Penang, you belanja me, can? I order small one, enough lah.... LOL!!!

  7. suituapui, come la! u been talking about this for a long time ad! just come!haha

  8. Is dere any particular day that its close?


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