Monday, December 6, 2010

The Starting of Hell!

Henry Tan | 2:35 PM |
YES! Hell is COMING! =(

Before talking about Hell...
I went duty for RC at the MASISWA Games 2010.

MMU really... wanna advertise! =.=

I duty at the futsal competition! =)

Let's see....

Yup! Girls are playing! =DDD no chinese though. =.=

Rugby game! =D

Tug of war final match as the closing! =D

Very tiring for the 2 days early wake up late sleep.
Somehow it is for good cause!
So who cares! =DD

Now, back to hell.
I got all midterm tests pile up together on 2 weeks.

14 Dec - Advanced Fab
16 Dec - NMEMS
17 Dec - Diagnostic
22 Dec - DIC
23 Dec - Advanced MicroP

"14 DEC?!?! Ohhh nooooo!!!!"


All the best people!
I will be back when im done with all! =)

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  1. all the best for your assignment n exam~~
    next time say"what the heaven"~:)


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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