Friday, February 25, 2011

10 years ago...

Henry Tan | 1:18 AM |
Yup.Do you remember...

"10 years ago..."

Where were you? What did you do?
Well, I am going to share with you,
what I did 10 years ago. =)

 Yup, you are looking at the cheque payment from Nanyang Siang Pau! =D

 I used to wrote essays to them.

 and.. 10 years ago... when i was standard 6! =)

These are some of the articles that published in newspaper. =D

 When i read back now, I was actually proud of myself. XD

"What about you? 
What did you do 10 years ago? =D"

Well, make sure you do something great now!
So that ten years ahead when you look back,
you would be proud of yourself too. =)
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  1. Wow~~ berapa per a published article? share share. :p

  2. LOL, now I know what you did 10 years ago, But I dunno mine....haha..xD

  3. then you should go thank a certain someone who help/forced our whole class to write >.<

  4. JJ. haha. RM5 per article only. haha. I still remember mum used it to deduct from the payment for ordering Nanyang Siang Pau. haha

    Juicy Juice... hahaha. u can't remember? come share with us! =D

    shawn. hahahaha! yeah! i know who you mean =p

  5. I moved from the country to the city & started high school. A big life change! (Thanks for commenting on my blog btw, come back anytime :))

    x K
    -An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

  6. 哇!原来你小小就是个小作家!呵呵……

  7. Wow that's really something for a primary 6 student! :)

  8. waaah, your Chinese must be damn pro lor.

  9. I tried once, but never got it on newspaper. :(

  10. 10 years ago, i am still a small child, 10 years later, i am a big child! XD XD

  11. 10 YEARS AGO....i still short short....fat fat...stupid stupid...I GUESS..hahaha

  12. kaitlyn, well. that's a good change too. =)

    lolly.. haha. thank you. but now lousy ad. =X

    JJ.. hahaha. 10 years ago leh. that time one bowl mee also rm2 only. =.=

    nona.. haha. sorry ar.. my articles in chinese. lol

    jennie. thank you. =)

    shuwen.. haha. that time only. now all forgot ad. =.=

    qiaoxin, perhaps u should keep trying! =)

    siewmin.. 10 years later u still a child? lol big girl ad lar that time. =D

    wei wei.. haha. what about 10 years later? wont be fat again gua. =p

  13. i did the same as u.. my chinese compositions was published in local newspaper.. but i did't get any money except 1 ringgit.. because my sis took it as her own..huhu..

  14. 10 years ago.. that means.. you're 22 now?? OAO


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