Thursday, May 12, 2011

May Happy Meal Toy @ McDonald

Henry Tan | 12:20 PM |
Can't get enough of it huh? LOL!
Well, after the Patrick's straw,

"Is time for the main character!

Check it out! =D

See his eyes also can laugh!!! =DDD

That's why it is call Happy Meal. =DD

Okay, I seriously influenced a lot by Spongebob.
The cartoon cheers me up and make me laugh for a big time!
So, yes! I love Spongebob!
and also Patrick!

Nice? Go get yourself one now! =D
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  1. r u willing to sell ur sponge straw here ? set a price pls. I am helping my fren looking for her gf. Coz her gf wanted it so much ! next day is her buttday too

    pls contact me asap k.



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