Monday, February 20, 2012

Leaves @ 阿桑's 葉子

Henry Tan | 11:04 PM | |
Not in mood to do anything.
Just a very nice song to share. *must listen* =)
Sorry for those who can't read Chinese. =(

阿桑's 葉子

我一個人吃飯 旅行 到處走~~走停停~~
也一個人看書 彈琴 自己對話談心~~

Enjoy the song. =)
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  1. -.- Next time post English songs.. LMFAO - I'm sexy and I know it :P

  2. aizzzz....d late leaf singer...X(
    is tat tokun hill?

  3. Thks for the nice song! Hope your mood will turn for the better soon :) Have a good week!

  4. yeah.. sorry for me.. :D.. Bro, manage some text so I can go Google Translate.. :p

  5. i remember this song. i have a couple of versions of it in my iTunes. loved it when i watched a taiwanese series which starred the SHE girls.


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