Monday, October 10, 2011

Sang Yuk Mee @ Jia Siang Kedai Kopi, Lintas

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As a blogger from Penang, how could I possibly miss out the food in KK right?
So yes, first stop...

"Sang Yuk Mee!!!"

Sang yuk actually is pork meat. 

In Sabah, their mee hoon is a bit different from West Malaysia. 
And I actually prefer their mee hoon! 
Their mee hoon is thicker a bit and good to serve with soup!

You can also choose the dried one which served with minced pork meat.

The dried one will also come with a bowl of soup.
I like their vegetable which is not too soft nor bitter.
As most of their vegetables are freshly delivered from Kundasang.

The auntie pro-ly prepared the sang yuk mee in a fast speed!

The green color of cendol is a bit weird.

Probably they used coloring or something.
Even the ice melted also become green color. =S

Taste: 7/10 (I like sang yuk mee hoon! but disappointing cendol!)
Price: 7/10 (KK food is expensive! Comparable to KL!)
Environment: 7/10 (Normal coffee shop, crowded too!)
Service: 7/10 (Quite fast!)
Average: 7/10

Kedai Kopi Jia Siang,
Kota Kinabalu.
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  1. This sang yuk mee is very famous until famous HK celebrities like Ah Lek purposely come to KK for this.

    Hahaha...KK food is expensive than KL! Thanks for saying that.

    Our foods is expensive but our earning is around RM1000-RM2000 per month even though got degree. Pathetic right?

  2. HAHA ! The cendol looks a little blue leh !! XDD but the mee with minced pork meant one looks tempting :D

  3. You sure the food is more expensive than KL? o_o

  4. Shouldn't have dropped by early in the morning. U're making me hungry now, Henry!

  5. Nikel, yup! awesome!

    Diana, wow, really? perhaps you should start to earn from tourist rather than regular work. =p

    shuwen, blue? lol

    hilda, yup, in kk, a small bowl of mee could easily go up to RM6 while it is just a normal coffee shop. =)

    blackswan, opps! haha! but good to have appetite for breakfast! =p

  6. is KK is nice if you know the right places to go but wherever you go, it is expensive...and crowded! Sibu better - cheap and nice! LOL!!!

  7. suituapui, okay, next time i go Sibu, you will be my guide. ;)


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