Saturday, November 5, 2011

Musical Fountain @ Perdana Park, KK

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My first time of seeing musical fountain was during my primary school graduation trip.
That time we went to Singapore to watch the musical fountain.
And finally Malaysia got one of its own already!
Well, this one just newly open in the beginning of year 2011. 
So we would not miss the chance to see it! =D

Before the musical fountain starts...

As usual I like the reflection! =D

This is the small one, teaser I guess? 

I took some video of it too!
Will upload it here soon! =D

Well, free admission so no harm to go! =D
But be reminded that the time starting from 7pm to 9pm.
Every 30 minutes will play once. 
So make sure you are on time for the last show which is at 8.30pm! =D

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  1. banyak banyak nice !! jio me go next time T.T

  2. omg why so nice one? so many patterns! *envy*

  3. M'sia has one too? How cool! The shots look good! How's it compared to the one @ Sentosa S'pore?

  4. o!! You came to Kk before!! And you know what? I haven't visit perdana park even I'm living here. :D


  5. I didn't get to go cause apprently the musical fountain is under maintenance now. So sad. :(...oh well, btw, they charged rm 1 for entrance fee now. HAHAHAHA.

  6. eevonne, u can go want meh if jio u? =p

    fish, yup u shud go and try! =D

    blackswan, erm sentosa one back then i was too small, barely got any memories abt it. =S

    meitzeu, LOL! it is a new place afterall isnt it?

    @lindy, oh really? thanks for the info! =D


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