Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Birthday @ 14-12-2011

Henry Tan | 12:31 AM |
And so...

"I'm finally 22!"

And I'm going out to work pretty soon!
Next month perhaps!
Sorry but I just can't help thinking...
How much time I left to fulfill my dreams...

"So close yet so far!"

While the clock is still ticking! =(

Anyhow thanks to those who reminded me that I'm older now. =p
Starting with Yenmun, Michelle, Vivian & Jialing.
Went to Shabu-shabu after a long time wasted on deciding place to eat. Zzzz!

After that we went to sing K till 4am at Neway. =.=
Well, too bad Ruimin didn't get to join us.
They are the group that I used to hang out with. =D

Well, next, I need to blame Facebook!
Less people sms me to wish me ad. =(

But still thanks to Leanne, Yoke & Ruimin that texted me right on time! =D
And also Luporti and Valerie. =D

Then, eat out at Kikyo Japanese Restaurant with darling.

I will blog about it sooner or later. =)

And also thanks for the only present this year. =((( + =)))

Seiko Solar! =DDD *I'm GREEN!*

I like it very much! =DDD Thanks darling!
Then, next would be the only cake this year.

Yeah, "cake". LOL

Well, thanks to Jia Xiang, Hwei Qi, Coffee, Chee Wei Sayon and Ah Bert. =D

I didn't manage to see any meteor. =(
So that's basically all.
Most of the people would thought that....

A: How's celebration?
Me: No celebration. =(
A: How come? I thought you sure fully booked?
Me: That's what everyone thought so and ended up no one. =(

So you can imagine a lot people like A ask the same question.
I hereby asking you guys to just ask me out next time kay. =p
Hmm. but not much time left in Cyberjaya ad. =(

Lastly, I would like to thanks 300+ friends that wish me in Facebook.
I simply too lazy to thank each and every one of you.
But you know who you are, and I know who you are. ;)

And so, as I'm older now,
I should be more wiser, better and stronger!
To the dreams! Cheers people! =D
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