Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Almost Dieeeeee =(

Henry Tan | 9:24 AM |
Well, I ride motorcycle to work most of the day.
Save money and save time.
Unless raining then no choice have to drive.
But recently I realized something else....

It's dangerous!!

Even if you are careful enough.
So here's my Almost-Die-Experience =S

Green light so motorcycles in front would go first right?
The cars on the right side also stop down already. 


Out of a sudden!!!

This stupid black SUV rushed thru!

Everyone honked so loudddd!

Luckily we managed to brake our motorcycles...
but just a small distance away


So lesson of the story,

Please never ever rush thru red light!

You don't appreciate your life,
But I do!
I'm still young to die!
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  1. So dangerous, pls be careful bro..

  2. you watched the video before, 3 motorcyclists start moving to the cross junction (perhaps green light already) and suddenly a car dashed through all 3 of them! wth..?!

  3. careful, must be some rich ass car rushing like his father road :/

  4. when I'm driving also got a lot of drivers and motorcyclists like that... that's why I don't go so fast.

  5. its pure madness but most importantly you're safe. was nearly hit once when i crossed the streets but the idiot came speeding.

  6. penang people are lidat one :P i was terrified while on the traffic there

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  7. Know what you mean, people now a days need to go back to driving school la.. drive nice car but dono how to drive.

  8. next time bring a bazooka.. just shoot them.. :D..

  9. Argh.. Dun understand people like this. You die yourself nvm.. Dun harm other ppl

  10. Pandu cermat, jiwa selamat. Even if you have the right of way, remember - it's your life and being on a motorbike, you're not protected. Have to give and take when on the road.

    You're young, still have your whole life ahead of you. Take care, stay safe.


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