Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Happy Meal @ McDonald

Henry Tan | 8:34 AM |
Hoho! Been some time that I didn't buy Happy Meal. *healthy lifestyle*
Then I found that this month Happy Meal giving out Spongebob.


Anything for Spongebob!!
Even if sacrificing my whole week work out for a Happy Meal!

The Kungfu Master!

You could actually see some different pictures thru the hole.

Next is my fav...!

The Policeman! with stickers!!

Cute isn't it?! =DDD

They are on my office desk now! =D

Like it?
Go grab one now before it's too late! =D
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  1. i should grab this to accompany my Sponge Bob Plush in my office:D

  2. Sponge bobs is one of my fav cartoon...
    Mc d here I come.....

  3. what about his normal attire or with crabby patty hat? so cute lol :P


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