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Crab & Fried Oyster @ Sea Pearl Lagoon, Penang

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**Updated on 25 December 2014**

crab sea pearl lagoon penang seafood
1kg of Meat Crab, a plate of prawns and a plate of fried sotong.

crab sea pearl lagoon penang seafood

Still many people as usual but luckily we went as early as 5pm. There are some development around that area but hopefully this will still remain. 

Blog about it before: Sea Pearl Lagoon

Most of you would know...

I'm crab lover!

Yes, like super duper!
So again, I went for a crab feast.

Appetizer - Fried Oyster! 

We went kinda early to avoid crowds.

I like their old building left since the war.

while you just sitting next to sea! =D

Isn't it awesome to eat here?

ordered 1kg of crab! 
they got no big crab, low season perhaps. =(

Usually shop would prepare hammer, but they gave this... 

Yup! It's egg crab! =DD

I ate 4 crabs!!!

seeeee! =p

The bill for 1kg egg crab, fried oyster and 2 coconut!

Sea Pearl Lagoon or what we usually call Tua Peh Kong crab,
is one of the my usual place to eat crab!
They only served baked crab.
They specialized in that! =D

So go there if you don't know what to eat for dinner! =DDD

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  1. love crab...just had tonnes of it for dinner hours ago and I am still craving crab when I look at your pics. That is quite a good price for what you have eaten!

    1. haha but have to becareful of uric acid. =p

  2. Soooooooo cheap! But watch your cholesterol level! I love crabs too...and most seafood. Thankfully, they're not so cheap here.

    1. awww i tot sibu there should be cheap. anyway yeah have to watch out cholesterol level! >.<

  3. Wahh choon xin, that eggs inside the crab very fabulous looking !!

  4. Wah is very cheap....
    Where all d legs?
    D boss cut it afraid they run away lol....

  5. crab lover? me tooo! :DD bring me next!

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  6. 这里很不错!地点环境配合美味实惠的食物,值得光顾!

    1. yuppp! haha but always crowded when it comes to night time.

  7. where is it. I am planing to go back Penang for more delicious food during Thaipussam

    1. oppps so sorry now only see ur comment. i have updated with map. =)


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