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What Cause Fire in the Petrol Station?

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Well, just a post to share about what I've learned. =)
My work related to EMC - Electro Magnetic Compatibility.
And ESD - Electro Static Discharge is one of the subset.
Probably up till here, you still dunno what I'm saying.
That's why I will show you a real life example.

What Cause Fire in Petrol Station?

Let's me show you a series of photos.

Guess what happen next?

Here's the video version:

So again with the question...

What causes the fire?

Well, it is the ESD - Electro Static Discharge.
Apparently, she collects all the charges when she went in and out of the car.
Without touching anything (metal) to discharge the charges in her body,
She directly touches the pump.
So, with the low temperature and humidity..

A charge/spark zaps to the metal near the pump!

The spark will then ignites the fire thru the fume from the petrol.
Which explains the fire. =)

So, you actually don't need a cigarettes or a phone...
All you need is just a....


In fact, that's what happens when a phone rings too.
It's not because of the signal transmission but rather the spark.

So, did you get to learn something here? ;)
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  1. Oh? Now only I know about it. All the time. I thought it was because of the signal transmission.

  2. so I always so nervous when pumping my petrol >.<

  3. oh gawd.. that is so dangerous. They should not implement the Angkat, Tolak, Masuk, Picit system. They should still let the PRO banglas fill up fuel for us... sigh...

  4. I told the same thing to my friends! And they doubt it, lols! I told them is the sparks/charges not the signal transmission! Lols guess it's very hard to explain if they don't have physics background :P

  5. owh maii! this is so scary weyy! =X

  6. Saw a video about this dude who was refilling petrol from the big tangki/truck into the petrol station then he went on the truck and his phone rang. Stupidly, he answered and caught on fire


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