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Journey to Koh Lipe @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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In case you got no idea what this post is about, read here.
Well, the journey started as we all arrived at Komtar to take the van.

It's 5 in the morning! =.=

In front of the tourism company

9-seater van 

So fast it's sunrise already, thanks to the F1 van driver!

We stopped by at this place - Naluri Aman.

First thing to do?

Check in foursquare! Now who's the mayor? =D

Meanwhile the passports were being processed

with some forms that have to be filled

and Syafiq said good bye to his mama. XD

Are they really cheaper? I don't know. Not my thing. 

All of us slept like that. 
Sorry TK, you are the example here. XD

Thanks to the F1 driver, we actually arrived at the border earlier than estimated time arrival.
He used probably one and a half hour to reach the border from Penang.
Unfortunately I was too excited that I don't feel sleepy at all. LOL.

Journey to Koh Lipe @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

Till then,
stay tuned! =D
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  1. nice beginning! ;DD cant wait to see all guys take off their shirts!muahaha!

  2. You look different in your passport photo leh? Fatter then?

  3. Normally, they drive really fast one.. driver rushing for another trip.. keke

  4. It must be cheaper using van to Thailand instead of flights :P good for you cause you stay in Penang! HAHA

  5. merryn, yupp! hehe! =DD

    eunice, hahaha too bad no muscular body for u to see! =p

    camy.. jom plan one day to go! =D

    suituapui, hahaha hair longer only. =p

    nikel, tsk tsk tsk! but fast is good~~ sit van sit till backside pain. =.=

    hilda milda, hmm it is cheaper? im not sure too. but wasted a lot of timeee!

  6. You also naughty-naughty. Loves to take photo of your friend while they are sleeping. I did the same too when I was in college. I never fall asleep during the class but I will do a naughty-naughty things. Take the photo of my collegemates who were sleeping and do a competition of who sleeps with the stylish style. Hahaha..


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