Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ostrich Dog @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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Well, decided to share about this story earlier.
All thanks to my "sister". LOL.
Just in case you don't know, please read Link1 and Link2.

I'm a dog lover!!!

So yup, I went Koh Lipe as you know.
But it is sad for me to find out that...
There are plenty of stray dogs over there.
Imagine a small island but full of dogs at every beaches you go.

So here's a story.

He saw a crab running into the hole.

So he keep digging hoping to find some food for the day.

Just when he managed to catch it....

3 stupid black dogs came out of nowhere!

You can actually see the frustration and the sadness in his eyes. =(

I witnessed the whole process yet I couldn't do anything about it.
This is the cruelty of the real world.
I could only blame on those who dumped them there.
So please...

Be responsible!

they are living creature just like you and me too!

Journey to Koh Lipe @ 3D2N Koh Lipe

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  1. So pity. so it's a part of you koh lipe trip? LOL. not bad. xD

  2. That's the way of the world - it's a dog-eat-dog world out there - only the strong will survive...and watch out for the parasites, lots of them everywhere.

  3. haha! funny la...all the 'BLACK DOGS' really BLACK , LIKE 'HAK SEH WUI'...-.-

  4. nicole, yuppp. and many more! ;)

    camy.. very pity! =(

    suituapui, i guess it happens to human too, the strong will live..

    eunice.. yup thats what i think too! hak seh wui! hahah

    yukiko, yessss pityyy! =(((

    charmaine,yeahhh but not their fault, is those who dump them. =(

    wilee, =((((

  5. When I see the first three photo, the dog is so cute not until the "hak sei wui" appear on the last photo. Really pity :(. I am also a dog lover. Plan to post all the dogs I took photo with while travelling some day.

  6. Cannot stop laughing 5555555
    You really adorable kid ^_^


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