Friday, June 22, 2012

My Bao Bei 4

Henry Tan | 10:51 PM |
Well, for those who still think I'm single... THINK TWICE! =p
Trust me, I always wanted to do like this....

Run Baby Run~~~!!

With My Bao Bei 4!!!

Who doesn't want to run away with this right?! XD

Well, if you got tricked...
Then can only blame yourself for...

not reading my blog frequently. =p

Well, this Bao Bei doesn't come cheap though!
And trust me, because of her....


Just because of some problem and I have to pay cash! @.@
And seriously, I was being so kind to do that.
I could just walk away without paying.

Anyhow, enough with the mumbling.
If you wanna know what happened,
you could ask me personally.

She serves me well! =DDD

And I treat her well too! 
I bought her a nice red dress! HEHE!

So far the most frequent things I love to do with her... XD


I synch all my emails together! 
Super easy to check emails! =D


I can keep down all my notes etc! =D

Well, I still got not enough time to spend with her!

Anyone can tell me 
what else I can do with her? =DDD

Appreciate all the inputs! =DD
Just in case, you haven't know my real bao bei. ;)

Till Then! ;)
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  1. use ur bao bei to watch movie la!! :D

  2. Aiyor...jeles! Some people so rich. I cannot afford one. Sobssss!!!!!!

    1. lol sure u can, see u want or not only. =)

  3. ohoooo...your bao bei stick with you 24 hours le like that...


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