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Recipes: Ambarella/Ambra Smoothie

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Ambarella juice, or more commonly known as Ambra or Kedondong juice, is a common drink to order in Malaysia especially given its ability to stimulate one's appetite. I used to eat it too with some sprinkle of salt all over it to balance the sourish taste. Thanks to my uncle and aunty, we were given a bag of fresh ambarella recently. Instead of eating it or juicing it directly, I made it into Ambarella Smoothie with the new blender. 

Ambarella/Ambra Smoothie Recipes:
Serving for 2

12 pcs - Ambarella (Scrubbed and sliced)
300ml - Water
4 tbsp - White sugar
12 pcs - Ice cube
3 pcs - Dried sour plum

1. Wash and scrub each Ambarella with salt thoroughly to remove the stains on the skin.
2. Blend Ambarella with water, white sugar, ice cubes and 1 pcs dried sour plum.
3. Pour into 2 glasses.
4. Add 1 dried sour plum into each glasses.
5. Ready to serve!

Ambarella/Ambra Smoothie - Ambarella need scrubbing too!

You will be surprised how shinning clean it could be after scrubbing with salt. FYI, I used a new dish-washing scrub sponge to scrub the Ambarella and trust me, it is hell lot of effort! I know most of the recipes would call for a skin peeled, but by doing this way, we could fully appreciate the hard work of planting!

Ambarella/Ambra Smoothie - Ready to blend!
Then again, most of the recipes would call for sieving, but for my personal preference, I go with the fiber which could help with our digestive system. Just make sure you blend it just enough to break it down to tiny bits without overheating the blender and destroying some of the heat-sensitive nutrients such as pantothenic acid and vitamin C. 

After a quick check in Google (actually I was trying to find what's the correct spelling of "Ambarella"), I found that Ambarella was quickly gaining popularity especially given that the recent studies proven Ambarella is one of the richest known sources of Vitamin C containing about 30 times that in oranges! So here's a quick list of the benefits.

Benefits of Ambarella:
1. Vitamin C - 30 times of oranges 
- boosts the immune system
- accelerates the wound healing process
- helps in tissue repair 
- acting as natural anti-oxidant to nourishes the skin

2. High content of dietary fiber
- facilitates digestion and helps clear the bowel

3. High level of Vitamin A
-  helps distribute images that are received by the retina of the eye

4. High level of Iron
- help the body produce red blood cells to avoid anemia

5. High in sucrose
- provides instant energy and boost vitality and endurance

Well given all the benefits mentioned above, surely it is a good reason to drink it more often! Just hope that with the demand increases, the price does not goes skyrocketing. 

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