Monday, October 22, 2012

Coob Coffee Club @ Komtar Walk, Penang

Henry Tan | 9:46 PM |
The first question would be...

Komtar = Ancient Mall?

Do people still go there? LOL
Well, maybe not me. I hardly know about the shops there.
But on this one fine afternoon, I meet up with friends over here.

Kinoko Pasta - RM15.90
Spaghetti with assorted mushrooms and Japanese condiments.

Katsu Curry - RM17.90
Deep fried pork cutlet with steam rice and Japanese curry sauce.

Reminds me of my Japan trip! =(

Karaage Curry - RM17.90
Japanese fried chicken with steam rice and Japanese curry sauce.

Coffee club for sure must try the coffee!

Blend Coffee - Include in set lunch


I recommend to try this...!

Pistachio Cake - RM7.90

Pistachio is my favorite! 
But cake? I never try before!

New York Cheese - RM7.90

Mashed Potato Salad

The shop quite small but comfy!

Personally I think not bad to give a try! 

You might love it! =D

I might revisit for the pistachio cake! =D

Till then. ;)
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  1. A cafe that serves japanese dish and coffee? Weird combination but yeah :P You sure love to blog about food at night huh? Maybe I should give it a try when I'm in Penang next month hehe

    1. lol. yupp. to make u hungry! XD
      sure u should! =D and also remember to find me! =DDD

  2. Got many of my favourite foods they served such as Katsu Curry, mashed potato and love to try the Pistachio Cake

  3. Both the cakes look good. No joke! :D
    Hmmm.. might revisit KOMTAR all over again hahah!

  4. Burp! And I feel so fat ody right now..

  5. Sometimes ancient malls still got good food..

    1. haha i agree. but their food must be special or good enough to let ppl know!

  6. Komtar Walk? I did hear the current state government was doing things to revive the place.

    Food looks good, prices ok...not expensive like at the quay place - would be worth checking out. I want that pistachio cake too...

    1. yup, all kinds of activities. but... i dont think youngsters would go la with all the new shopping malls..

      yup, pistachio cake really special, cant really find it elsewhere!

  7. I have not visit the Komtar for a very very long time..

  8. Portion of the fried pork chop is huge!

    1. yuppp! quite! somehow at the end the curry is not enough! =S

  9. Replies
    1. yuppp! agree! afterall food presentation is quite important for the first impression!

  10. your blog makes me feel so hungry! I should not view it at this hour! xD

  11. Your photos are really good :)

  12. hello.. i wan to know how can i reach komtar? tis shop is below komtar? i feel wanna visit it coz of the Pistachio special is tis? can u describe? cappucino flavor? hehe.. i still rmb last time i went penang and follow those blogs' recommended food, and i feel so disappointed why every1 say good about every food that they write but then it is actually so sucks....

    1. wow.. how can u reach komtar.. by taxi? by bus? haha
      yes below komtar. special as in I never try it elsewhere. so it is something new to me. and i never thought pistachio can be make into cake. well the cake itself just like normal cake just with the pistachio fragrance. =) and lastly.. i believe it is very subjective to say if is nice or not as different people got different taste bud. ;) so u might or might not like it. but anyhow, no harm to atleast give it a try =)

  13. Japanese and western food fusion restaurant? Looks quite tasty though!

  14. Ahhh the Pistachio Cake looks so good! Take me there next time! :D


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