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Xi Men Ding @ Lebuh Bishop, Penang

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I'm sure Xi Men Ding, this name is familiar to you.
It is none other than the famous place in Taiwan!
Yupppppp and you can find it now in Penang!

It is located at one of the busiest street in town, Lebuh Bishop.
The street named after Bishop Garnault, whom set up the first Catholic church in Church Street.
Bishop street used to be a place for furniture making, woodwork and painting.
Hence, the local Chinese would called it "Chart Kang Kay (漆工街)" in Hokkien.
"Chart" means paint, "Kang" means work and "Kay" means street.

Now it turned into offices and banks.
And Xi Men Ding located exactly opposite of UOB Bank. 

The shop comprises two shop lots side by side.

Inside the shop, it is well decorated with flowers and also signage of food.

I think that's the young boss in the picture.

Some nice paintings too.
I like their vintage lamps but the yellow bulb makes the shop a little warm.

Tomato Plum Juice - RM5.90 (Left) & Pearl Milk Tea - RM4.90 (Right)
According to the boss, tomato plum juice is their shop specialty.
I believe any juice with plum would be a good thirst-quencher!
Perhaps can give it a try especially on hot day!

Watermelon Milk - RM5.90 (Left) & Pineapple Milk - RM5.90 (Right)
I love my pineapple milk!
I can feel the bits of pineapple, good to chew on it!
But it would be better if they add a lot of ice to make it ice cool drink! 
*hate it when it is half cool half warm =S*
They might be afraid that the ice would dilute the drinks.
 So perhaps can use frozen glass! =p

Fried Rice (招牌炒饭) - RM4.50
The rice well separated, mixed with egg, spring onion, prawns and meat slices.
Sambal chilies is a good add-on for those spicy lover.

Ginseng Fiber Drumstick Soup (洋渗须鸡腿炖汤) - RM12
I love Yang Shen Xu! I always boiled it to drink.

Xiao Long Tang Bao (小龙汤泡) - RM8 (4pcs)

Crispy Butter Toast (奶蓋厚片土司) - RM3.90
Condensed milk hidden inside!
The bread is very soft too!

"Don't judge a toast by it's appearance!"

Seeee! Condensed milk covered by butter.
Then toasted until it is crispy at the surface.
Saltiness from the butter plus sweetness from the condensed milk.
But underneath, the bread is still so soft!

Fish Beehun Soup (鱼肉米粉汤) - RM7.90
The slices of fish is Siakap, which is caught by the shop owner's dad.
His dad is a fisherman and would go for fishing every morning.
Hence, it explains the freshness of the fish.

Golden QQ Ball (黄金QQ球) - RM6.00
Using sweet potatoes that added the sweetness in the QQ ball.

Teppan Crispy Chicken Ramen (铁板香鸡排拉面) - RM9.00
The egg looks so appetizing isn't it!
But the fries is a bit weird to go with ramen.
However, the chicken is really tender.
The boss put in effort in giving the chicken a good spa massage!

Fried Ramen (招牌炒面) - RM5.50
The ramen is handmade by themselves.

Popcorn Chicken (盐酥鸡) - RM6 (Small) / RM9 (Big)
Same as the crispy chicken just that it was cut into smaller bite-size.

I didn't realized that the beverage coaster is made of CD!
Seeeee! They just cover it with a nice cloth on top!
Good recycling method!

Red Bean Soup (红豆汤) - RM2
A good dessert after a fulfilling meal.

Well, some of the dishes you might not be able to find it in the menu.
According to the boss, from time to time, they would have special meals.
So the best for you is to ask the boss for the recommendation.
They will customized your meal based on your needs.

Kent Ng - the young boss of Xi Men Ding!

The boss younger than me 1 year but already open a shop.
Gosh, what am I still doing? >.<
The boss is friendly, most importantly...

He's doing what he likes!

For people that working hard for their dream,
there's no reason not to support right? ;)

Till then. ;)
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  1. Oohh new place, not bad not bad, next time i go hunt :p

    1. haha i tot u already been to most of the places in penang! haha

  2. wah ada xiao long bao rupa-nya! :) naise!

  3. Replies
    1. not bad but really have to eat it while it is hot. snap photo liao not hot adddd =S

  4. the fried ramen looks like wan tan mee :O

    1. yuppp looks like.. but the mee is ramen.. haha

  5. I judge the toast from its appearance, it look so attempting I feel like want to bite!!! (the only thing is I dun bite the toast pic on my screen)

  6. Looks good but dont feel like it's Taiwan signature food, more to local food to me =)

    1. yuppp actually more like a fusion! but they did have a lot of taiwan signature food on the menu.

  7. It's a mistake to read this post at midnight. T_T REAL YUMMY STUFF. *thumbs up* :)

  8. wahh~~ all that makes me drool! but i only been once at xi men ding at Gurney. i didn't try out all those food though~ hee

  9. Penang has many hidden treasures ;)

  10. eh the price also quite reasonable! can go try try see :D

    thanks for recommending yo!

  11. I wonder how they hide the condensed milk... haha... i like pictures with vintage frame! :)

  12. the price is so reasonable. Between, why the siu long bao, RM8 for 4, but urs got 5 biji? hahaha :DD

    1. haha food review mah.. so different a bit. =p

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