Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Be My Valentime II @ Maju Junction Mall

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Remember my previous post about this?

Be My Valentime @ Maju Junction Mall

Yup so I went.
And here's the full story! =D

It was held in Wedding City, ground floor of Maju Junction Mall.

First thing to do - Registration for participants!

And I went for a sneak peak at the table settings! =D


So romantic isn't it? =D

Romantic must include roses for sure!

Then the event started...

The MC explaining some of procedures.

Let the speed dating begins!!!

They are given 3 minutes on each person.

10 guys 10 girls.

Fully utilizing the 3 minutes to attract each other!

After 3 minutes...

They are required to give a score and put into other's box.

Niceeee? =D

After meeting each and everyone....

Time to collect back all the boxes..

Count the score!

In the meanwhile...

The participants were being served with Hi-Tea from Starbucks.


Pole dancing performance! =DDD

Woohoo! Seduction!

Stay tune to my blog for the video coming up! =D


Announcing the winning couples...

The top two most compatible couple that give each other high scores would win.



They are too awkward to stand together i guess. LOL

Later on, they were given an all expense paid make-over 
by The Body Shop & Derrick & Team Hairdressing Saloon.

After that, each pair enjoyed a romantic dinner 
and walked away with RM500 worth of shopping vouchers 
sponsored by Maju Junction Mall.

Personally, this is definitely one unforgettable experience for me.
I've always watched it in TV but never thought it would really happen in real.
I hope you all get to experience thru my blog then.

One last question...

If I were to join...

Do you think I will get some high score? 


Till then. ;)
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  1. Eh you underage also can go meh. Tsk tsk tsk. XD So got find anyone interesting a?

  2. wah, i think i should join too HAHAHA. erm if you meet super leng lui then sure super high score lo :P :P leng luis are kind people...

    Latest: Snow White and Red Apple

  3. if u join, probably u will . . . hahahah! I thought u got join or u just at there for photograph only?

    1. haha not qualified. so just there for photography only.

  4. Yes of course !! 10 point for tour guiding !! hahaha

  5. maybe u will get the highest score if u flaunt bout your cooking skill!!! =D

    1. hahaha cannot la. need to be diam diam ubi berisi. XD

  6. wahhhhh I should go haha! got nice food, free make up and voucher somemore :O

  7. Cheh son! You tak join ke? You are there only to take pictures and blog about it? Tsk tsk.. ZERO for you lah like that! >_<

    1. mum... like mum like son ok. do u think ur son need to join this to get one? XD

  8. how the competition actually works?

    1. is not a competition laaa. haha speed dating as usual lo. see how ppl rate you, so if both rate each other then high chance lo. ;)

  9. whoa!! hahaha so did u get any date like after that?
    what a great experience, unfortunately i think i'm still young to join.
    as a reply to your comment on my blog
    it's pre-university, so they open it for girls, the rest of the forms are all male.
    which is kinda scary ><

    1. lol. nope i didn't get any date. but i do get to know new friends ;)

  10. Ceh, u just blog about it & didn't join? I thought I can see your new GF here :P

    1. lol aiyo underage mah. they dont accept me. cause they scared i will win it hahahahhaha =p


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