Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recipes: French Toast

Henry Tan | 9:46 PM |

Homemade French Toast!

I have leftover some bread in fridge last week.
Mum nag me few times about it already.
So finally, I'm hardworking enough to do something with it.

Check out how I make them! =D

So I'm gonna tell you my own recipe! 
Trust me, I never know the actual way on how to make one! =.=

Step 1 : Toast the bread!
Toast it to make it crunchy or garing-garing! =D

Step 2 : Dip into egg!
My egg mixed with a little water and a bit of salt!
Don't dip too long!
You don't want your bread to be too wet!

Step 3 : Toast it again!
Make sure your pan is hot enough only put in or else will ended like mine!

Step 4 : Serve while it is hot!
I added some tuna in the middle! ^^
Maybe the presentation is not that nice. =S
Anyhow, eat it while still crunchy!

Greedy me to make so many of it.
Ended up some of those lembik or soft already.
And I eat until geli/jelak. =S
Okay, maybe I shouldn't tell you that. LOL

Some of the tips:
Cut away the sides of the bread for better presentation.
Toast it twice to make it less oily.
Take it up even before it turns brown.
Put some butter for better aroma.

I'm too lazy to do all these above.
Learn from cooking show, but not neccesary will apply.

Cause I'm a PIG!

I eat everything! LOL
Till then!;)
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  1. Hey! Its a good idea to toast them...and I love the idea of tuna with the french toast! Keep have some pretty good ideas to start with:D

    1. haha yeah! now every weekend i will cook something and post it here! =D

  2. I love french toast...but that is a little bit too much per one person.

    1. HAHAHAHA YESSS! u got the point! i made too much of it ad! but still i manage to finish all! =D

  3. They look yummy! Maybe you can try to make garlic bread next time?:D

    1. Good idea! =DD next time i will try that! =DDD

  4. Replies
    1. hahaha not now la. now still not that nice yet. =p

  5. Looks good! Yummmm!!!! Whoever marries you will be so lucky - a hubby who can cook nice stuff for her toe at. Wink! Wink!

    1. HAHAHAHA! too bad not every girl realized that! HAHAHA

      oh wait! u can cook too! u are saying u are good hubby too? XDDD

    2. Of course!!! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!!

  6. but I like the side of the bread!!!

  7. Replies
    1. haha good good! i should try something special!

  8. long time didn't have this, yours not enough egg coated lah, must put more :P

  9. my dad lov making this for my breakfast when his bread is going to expired. LOL

    1. LOLLLL! my bread also expired that's why it is inside the fridge! haha

  10. aisheh! didnt know u can cook! :P yum yumm

  11. I always cut off the edges too. But that is seriously ALOT leh! I think I'll stay away from French toast until next year if I were you :P

    1. HAHAHA yea mum! and it's not really healthy actually. haha


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