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Ah Khoon Loh Mee (亚坤卤面) @ Restoran Lucky, Butterworth

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During our journey to 3D2N Getaway at Cinta Sayang Resort in Sungai Petani, we had our breakfast at the famous Ah Khoon Loh Mee, which is located at Jalan Bagan Luar, Butterworth. Ah Khoon Loh Mee is so famous that you can find blogs or articles about them all over the internet. But, since this is part of our itinerary in 3D2N Getaway, let me add in mine to the pool of information! 😁 

Butterworth Famous Ah Khoon Loh Mee

A quick search in Waze, it would navigate you correctly to Ah Khoon Loh Mee since it has been there for a long while. TM Point or UOB Bank is a good landmark for you to notice as Ah Khoon Loh Mee (Restoran Lucky) just located right opposite. There is ample space of car park behind the tall building of Veenai Hotel, which is just next to Ah Khoon Loh Mee.  

When we walked into Restoran Lucky, we noticed that almost every table had the same bowl of food - Ah Khoon Loh Mee! That's quite rare given that there is other stalls as well inside Restoran Lucky. I wonder how other stalls could survive there? But it can only means that Ah Khoon Loh Mee must be real good and everyone is there just for Ah Khoon Loh Mee. We went on Friday morning around 9am, not crowded as per described in blogs, probably because it's weekday. 

Since we were there purposely for the Ah Khoon Loh Mee, baby and I had the same thing - a bowl of Ah Khoon Loh Mee. Unlike typical Loh Mee in Penang Island, every bowl of Ah Khoon Loh Mee actually comes with generous amount of braised pork. You may also add some side dishes like braised egg and braised chicken feet. Too bad, my favorite braised chicken feet is out of stock! So a bowl of Ah Khoon Braised Pork Loh Mee costs us RM5.30 each. That's quite affordable

The yellow noodles in a black thick starchy gravy is always good to add with chili paste, minced garlic as well as drizzle of black vinegar. Bottle of Chinese Black Vinegar is placed at each of the table so that you can add as per your liking. Chili paste and minced garlic certainly help to erase the smell of pork and the sourish appetizing taste from black vinegar helps to keep you eating! Personally, I think it is quite delicious, especially if you are a braised pork lover. 

Stay tuned for the full post on 3D2N Cinta Sayang Resort Getaway!

Go try it out and let me know how do you think?

Ah Khoon Loh Mee
Restoran Lucky
Lorong Bagan Luar 4, Bagan Luar, 
12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang

Till then. ;)
Happy food hunting!
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