Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recipes: Parsley Carbonara Spaghetti

Henry Tan | 11:17 PM |
Finally, here is the recipes for...

Henry's Parsley Carbonara Spaghetti! 

Hope not too late to update about it! =D

Parsley Carbonara Spaghetti with Crabstick Mayo Egg! 

Forgive me as I didn't take step by step photo.
Rushing to prepare the dinner cause parents were hungry already!

Starting with...
Crabstick Mayo Egg!

Mixed boiled egg, crabsticks and mayonnaise! 

Personally I like more mayonnaise.
So that you can taste the sourness from mayonnaise,
yet sweetness from crabsticks,
plus the fragrance of egg!
(Don't overcook crabsticks to maintain the sweetness)

Simple! Mixed carbonara sauce, sausages and parsley!

Cut the sausages into small slices/pieces.
Finely chop the parsley.
Pour onto the spaghetti and viola! =D

Add in some slices of cheese and broccoli! =D

Simple but nice! =D
Most importantly...

Family can taste my cooking! =D

Ofcourse, mum can rest and don't need cook!
So why not you try yourself too? =D

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Till then. ;)
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  1. gosh next time no need go out eat de la. u cook when meet up can de :D

  2. Gosh, Henry! I hate you so much for posting up this at this hour. I am on diet leh and now you make me hungry. Makes me want find foods late at night after looking at the photos.

    1. awww dont hate me. =(
      eat more, exercise more! =D

  3. Carbonara is my favourite flavour! I should not view this post at this hour. It makes me want to eat spaghetti now! I am so freaking hungry! :/

  4. Good! Good! So do find a deserving partner for whom you can cook all this nice stuff for... Wink! Wink!

    1. hahaha find someone that willing to wash all the plates and utensils! =p

  5. Amboii u terrer cook than me LOL..mcm sedappp oooo..can i test ahah...:P

    1. hahaha thank you but tak boleh! i only cook for gf. XD

  6. Wah, u're tempting us with your cooking ah? Nice! I like making egg mayo with crabmeat too. My son likes to use them for sandwiches.

    1. hahaha not really la. trying to get some comment to improve! =D
      yuppp! sandwiches is nice with that! =DD

  7. What a beautiful plate of carbonara spaghetti! Thumbs up for being a good boy to cook for your parents!

  8. Good job done. You're sweet to give mummy an off day. And now that it shows you can cook, surely our saham with the girls is rising quite fast eh? Hehehe

    1. haha not really. cause not many people know. cause i very low profile one. =p


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