Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1st Avenue Mobile App 1st Giveaway

Henry Tan | 8:00 PM |
Last Sunday was the first giveaway of 1st Avenue Mobile App Launch event.
If you had read my previous post, you would know that they are giving out...

FREE Marvel's Iron Man 3 T-shirt! 

Just a free T-shirt probably won't attract many people right.
So I went at 2.50pm and thinking that I have the chance to get one too!


I have no chance at all! TT

Just show the 1st Avenue Mobile App on your phone or tablet.

Fill up your personal details then you will get one!

No joke lehhhhh!

Free stuff really can attract people!

Queue until the escalator and turn into L shape! 

According to them, the queue started since 2pm!
While the giveaway only starts at 3pm!

Well no luck for me to get the original Marvel Iron Man T-shirt. *sad face*

But is okay if you missed out just like me...

There's 2nd Giveaway!!

Check out here!
Last chance!
See you there! =D
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